LPSF.org banner ads / Prop. K town hall speakout Thursday 7-9pm

Hear, hear! It' certainly an improvement, and good to have it up
before the election! I notice one small typo -- near the bottom it
says "We want the LPSF website to me more of a collaborative
effort" (should read "be"). I'm also curious what the little pill-
shaped button near the top of the page is. Just a design element, I
guess? It doesn't appear to do anything.

  Thanks for putting the Prop. K banner up as well. I don't think I
posted here about the event on Thursday, so I guess it's a good time
to mention that we're having a town hall meeting / speakout for the
measure this Thursday (Oct. 30) at the First Unitarian Universalist
Church, 1187 Franklin Street at Geary Blvd. Please show up if you can
make it, especially if you haven't done anything for the campaign
yet! There's around 3 dozen people on the lpsf-activist list, and
around 90 on lpsf-discuss. I know you can't all be busy!

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Cool, I like the menu items bar. That looks nice. Having the search
feature is good, too. In terms of design, I also suggest putting a
thin frame around the postcard, so it looks more distinctly like the
back of a postcard.

  I did speak briefly with Bryce before the last meeting -- he said he
wouldn't be making it, sounded a little apologetic. I didn't inquire
further. That's all I know. I'll try to remember to give him a call

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))