LPSF Minutes of October [1 Attachment]

Dear All,

Attached and pasted below are the LPSF October Minutes which I received from Jawj today. I will post it on the LPSF website on Tuesday 16th. So please let me know if you have corrections before then.


Minutes of the LPSF
Meeting of October 9, 2010

Members Present: Marcy Berry (Chair) , Phil Berg, Francoise Fielding, Michael
Edelstein, Jawj Greenwald (Secretary), Tim Kuklinsky, Leslie Mangus
(Treasurer), Rob Power, Starchild, Richard Winger.

Guests: Aubrey Freedman, Matt Drake.

Officers’ Reports:

Chair: Marcy Berry
reported on her continued work in writing and attending public meetings
in support of the Police Special Patrol. She has written an
article for our website about the Board of Supervisors’ meeting to consider
abolishing the Patrols.

Vice Chair: No report

Treasurer: The LPSF has $5745.50 in its coffers.

Secretary: No report. Minutes of the meeting of September 11 are being posted
online for review.

Committee Reports:

Internet Communication/Social Networking: Rob Power reported that he sent out
195 postcards giving our ballot recommendations.

Membership: Marcy Berry reported that no new members joined this month.

Political Candidates’ Reports: Phil Berg reported that his campaign against
Nancy Pelosi was progressing well. Richard
Winger reported that Christina Tobin (running for Secretary of State) held a
press conference in Sacramento with other third parties that attracted a lot of
media coverage. She has been moderating candidate debates all over the

Activism Reports: We went around the table reporting on what, if
anything, we had done to strike a blow for freedom this month.


Richard Winger reported
that a motion for a preliminary injunction against implementation of “Top Two”
elections had been denied in SF Superior Court. The motion raised two issues
which will now be appealed -- failure to count write-ins despite providing a
space for them, and restricting the ability to show party affiliation on the
ballot to members of qualified parties. Ironically, the other side had
since changed their position on one of these issues.

Michael Edelstein and Starchild defended the non-aggression principle at a
recent vegetarian dinner club.

There was a report on a
conference at the Unitarian Church on the topic “Anti-War Perspectives from the
Left and Right”. Daniel Ellsberg and John Dennis both spoke.

Various meetings in early November were announced: At Berkeley, Walter
Block is speaking to a student group on November 5 and Patrick Friedman on
November 6. At Palo Alto, there is a Stanford Humanists’ group meeting on
November 7. Libertopia, the libertarian conference that was moved from
San Francisco, is taking place in Los Angeles.

New Business:

Meet the candidate: Matt Drake, candidate for Supervisor from District 6,
introduced himself and spent 45 minutes being grilled. He is a Democrat
and a lawyer for a tech start-up. He described himself as the most
pro-business of the candidates and someone concerned with promoting efficiency
in local government.

Meeting location: It was unanimously agreed that we should continue
meeting at the Civic Center Main Library. Marcy Berry will renew
our reservation for the next three months.

Cooperation with other groups: There was a general discussion exploring
ways to work with outside groups.

Electoral Reform Contribution: We voted (6-1) to pay the $25 annual dues
required to be a member of Californians for Electoral Reform.

Door-to-door canvassing: Richard Winger supplied some generic Libertarian
campaign door knob hangers for us to consider distributing before Election
Day. It was unanimously agreed that we would buy 1000 more of these, and
hang them on door knobs in areas of the city where we’d be most likely to find
libertarian-leaning voters. They contain the world’s smallest political
quiz, and room for attaching a sticker with the local party contact
information. Tentative plans were made to go out in pairs next Saturday
afternoon distributing them in Miraloma Park and the Sunset. Marcy Berry
will coordinate the effort.