LPSF Minutes of May 2010 [1 Attachment]

Dear All,

Attached and pasted below are the Minutes of May 8, 2010, which I received from Jawj today. I will post them on the LPSF Website by Wednesday 16th; so please let me know if there are any changes by then. The "approval" will have to be handled that way for now.



Minutes of the LPSF Meeting of May 8, 2010

Members Present: Marcy Berry (Chair), Michael Edelstein,
Jawj Greenwald (Secretary), Tim Kuklinsky, Les Mangus (Treasurer), Rob Power,
Starchild, Jason Williams, David Faden.

Non-members: Ann
Grogan, Ron Choy, Melissa Handman, Officer Eugene Louie, Antoine Tasmell.

Officer’s Reports:

Treasurer: There was no bank account activity last
     month. The balance in the LPSF
     account remains $2,193.36.

Secretary: The minutes of the April
     meeting were submitted and will be reviewed next month.

Vice Chair: No report

Chair: No report.

Committee Reports:

Internet Communication/Social
     Networking: Rob Power submitted
     for review the postcard to be mailed to LPSF members giving our June
     primary election recommendations and inviting members to the July 4th
     barbecue. The postcard was
     unanimously approved subject to correction of the recommendation on Prop B
     to a NO. It was decided by the
     required supermajority vote (4 Yes, 2 No) not to give the actual
     membership votes by which our ballot recommendations are decided, on this
     or any future ballot recommendations.

Outreach: Starchild reported that he had spoken at
     a recent Tea Party event. He
     reviewed upcoming events, including the National LP Convention and an East
     Bay LP weekend over Memorial Day weekend.


Richard Winger reported on his recent activities against Proposition
14, “the top-two primary” measure. On
May 15 he and Christine Tobin will make a presentation in Sacramento at a
Californians for Electoral Reform event.

The next two meetings are scheduled for the Main Library,
but not necessarily in the same

Old Business:

San Francisco Patrol Special Police. Most of the meeting was devoted to a
long-awaited presentation by the SF Patrol Special Safety Program. Ann Grogan introduced various colleagues from
the program. She gave a power point presentation
explaining the history and current role of the program, which provides
supplementary service-oriented neighborhood policing. It’s the only private police force in the US, and pre-dates San Francisco’s first government police

      The Special Police train at the Police Academy,
pass a security check, and are overseen by the Civilian Police Commission. They rely on citizens’ arrest powers rather
than police ones. They are uniformed and
armed, use radios on the police bandwidth, and provide community quality of
life “value” policing. Their services
are paid by private subscription contracts averaging $48 per hour, compared to
the $109 per hour (plus 22.6% administrative fee and add-ons for cars,
pensions, etc.) that private businesses must pay to hire an off-duty policeman
for special events and services. Further
info is available on their website: www.

      She outlined various ways in which we
might help the program:

-- Take an official organizational
position in support.

-- Take individual positions in

-- Add our name to their e-alert

-- Volunteer to testify on their

-- Write letters to the Board of
Supervisors and Police Chief.

We observed a minute’s silence in
honor of Jane Warner, whom some of us had met.
She died this morning after serving 18 years as a member of the Special
Police in the Castro and elsewhere.

Candidate’s Campaign Updates. Rob Powers had been in contact with Phil Berg and
reported on the progress of Phil’s campaign for U.S. Congress. Starchild reported on his campaign for
Supervisor. He welcomes small
contributions of about $15 to keep his fundraising below $1000, a sum he cannot
legally exceed unless someone is willing to serve as official campaign

New Business:

for PRIDE parade weekend. This
year’s Gay Pride weekend is June 26/27. We will not be marching, but will have
a booth at Civic Center both days. We discussed
logistics of having an easel for the “world’s smallest political quiz” and other arrangements. Rob Powers is coordinating plans.

Signature gathering. Les
Mangus solicited signatures for the November ballot “Fix MUNI Now” initiative. Support for this measure can be given on the
LPSF website.