LPSF Minutes of February 12, 2011 [1 Attachment]

Dear All,

Attached and pasted below are the Minutes of our last meeting.


Minutes of the LPSF Meeting of February 12,

Members Present: Phil Berg, Marcy Berry (Chair), Aubrey Freedman,
Jawj Greenwald (Secretary), Rob Power, Starchild, Catherine Tripp.

Guests: Anthony Adams, Jack

Officers’ Reports:

Chair: No report

Vice Chair: No report

Treasurer: Marcy Berry
reported for the Treasurer that the LPSF has $5029.20.

Secretary: Minutes of
the January meeting were posted to the online “activists’ list” for review.

Committee Reports:

Internet Communications/Social Networking: Rob tried without success to get the state
party to include where it mentions local parties in its website (ca.lp.org) a
one-sentence statement with a link to the LPSF website.

Initiatives/Ballot Measures:
Aubrey Freedman reported on his conversations with the Dept. of
Elections about the voter initiatives likely to be on the June ballot and the
dates governing the ballot argument process.
The propositions and the dates for submitting arguments are not yet
known. His best guess is that the
propositions will be posted on the Dept.’s website at noon on March 15, and
that we will thereafter have a mere two days to submit arguments for the
lottery for free “official” arguments on measures for which no supervisor
claims the privilege of writing one.
Since this will happen shortly after our March meeting, we will keep our
ears to the ground for word of measures being proposed, and will consider
approaching Sean Elsbernd or any other Supervisor with sympathetic views on an
issue to see if they might delegate writing an official argument to us.

Membership: Marcy
Berry reported that last month one member renewed and one new member signed up.

Outreach: Starchild reported on his usual heroic outreach efforts, including
speaking against police brutality at a rally on the steps of City Hall.

Political Candidates’/Activism Reports:
Those who felt so moved
reported on what they had done to strike a blow for freedom this month. Several members attended a vegan “Wellness
Central” dinner debate on whether or
not the poor would fare better without government programs. Others posted libertarian-leaning articles
online, or talked to people about their views.

Announcements: Starchild announced various upcoming “meet the
candidate” functions, including a regular Monday evening gathering at Delirium
restaurant in the Mission, and occasional events for mayoralty candidates hosted
by Bill Hemmenger at his home.

Old Business:

Participation in Pride Festival, June 25/26 2011: We have
signed up and been accepted for a booth at this year’s Pride Festival. Rob
Power will give Aubrey Freedman the tent, table and banner to store in his
garage. We will discuss the literature
for our booth at a later meeting. Marcy
will circulate a schedule for volunteers to sign up to staff the booth. Starchild will explore the possibility of
joining other like-minded groups for those wanting to march.

Webmaster: We discussed possible candidates to take over
from Rob Power as webmaster when he leaves for New York City this summer. We will approach
Steve Dekorte, and Sander Lewis of
Outright Libertarians in the East Bay.
Although it is a function that can be performed at a distance (and Rob in
fact volunteered to provide support from afar), it is better to have someone who
regularly attends meetings.

By-Laws Revision: Rob walked us through a draft of revised By-Laws that he prepared to
bring our by-laws into conformity with the State party’s. All are invited to review it in the light of
state bylaws and our previous LPSF by-laws for further discussion next month.

I was surprised to see that too, but forgot to ask about it -- how
specifically *did* our balance reach $5029.20? Did someone make a
large donation?

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Would you like to include the text of my bylaws proposal with the minutes?
I've attached it as a PDF.