LPSF Minutes of 12/11/04

Hi All,

Here is the final version of the LPSF Minutes of 12/11/04.


Minutes of the LPSF Meeting - December 11, 2004

Present: Chris Maden, Phillip Berg, Marcy Berry, Bryce Bigwood, Steve Dekorte, Mike Denny, Michael Edelstein, Françoise Fielding, Jawj Greenwald, Kelly Simpson, Starchild.

Welcome and Introductions

The membership was pleased to welcome Eric Dupree at the social hour.

Officer Reports


Marcy Berry reported for Bart Berry a balance in the bank of $2,275.66 and year to date 12/11/04 net profit of $598.84.


Marcy Berry reported that the Minutes of 11/13/04 were approved as amended. Mail call was as follows: East Bay Libertarian Lifeline for December, and four LPSF Newsletters sent out 10/29/04 returned by the post office.

Vice Chair: No report.


Chris Maden thanked Mark Addleman for chairing the LPSF meeting of 11/13/04, and Françoise Fielding for hosting the LPSF Election Night Party.

Committee Reports

Development Committee

In response to Kelly Simpson's question as to why she has not received any inquiries for LP information for the past few months, Bryce reported that he has sent e-mails to the CA LP and to the national LP; they will investigate.


Bryce Bigwood reported that the CA LP has started to update the membership database; however, problems remain which Bryce will need to deal with.

Membership Report

Michael Edelstein reported that the database shows membership as follows: 61 for October, 90 for November, and 84 for December. Chris Maden clarified that the accuracy of these figures is unknown.

Communications Committee

Chris Maden has reviewed the US Postal Service rules for bulk mailing. Because there are significant costs involved, Chris will evaluate the costs and benefits of mailing options.


Bryce Bigwood reported that his work updating the LPSF website is pretty much done. There are not enough book titles to warrant a new web page for the Amazon Associates program; Chris Maden suggested that Bryce append the titles on the Laissez Faire book list.

Public Access Television
Issues and Answers: Sundays at 4:30 pm
The Libertarian Revolution: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 7:00 pm

Mike Denny reported that he has received a new shipment of show tapes from producer Mark Selzer. Sarosh Kumana's show has been renewed, and Mike's show is good for another six months. Chris Maden indicated that there is not a spike in LPSF website hits right after airing of the shows; which raises the question how does the LPSF know how many viewers are watching these shows.


Starchild has an appointment with Vivienne Sosnowski, Executive Editor of The Examiner, on Tuesday 14th at 5:30 pm, to discuss the LP, political elections coverage, and opening doors of communication. Starchild asked other activists to also attend this meeting, and indicated that he would be willing to negotiate other times with Ms. Sosnowski to accommodate greater participation of activists. Mike Denny, Phil Berg, and Chris Maden expressed interest in attending.


Starchild is hosting a party on Monday 13th for guests interested in watching the science fiction channel.

Starchild handed out postcards advertising the solo show by Charlie Varon "Rush Limbaugh in Night School," playing at The Marsh in San Francisco from November 13 through December 13.

Chris Madden reported the death of David Brudnoy, a Libertarian, Boston area talk show host, and author of Life is not a Rehearsal.

Old Business

Membership Development

Michael Edelstein researched various costs for placing an ad in local newspapers. Chris Maden asked for a discussion on what publication(s) to place the ad and content of the ad. Suggestions were to place ads in neighborhood newspapers with the greatest number of Libertarian registered voters, and in high school and college newspapers. Starchild will obtain information on cost of ads with the S.F. State University school paper. Steve Dekorte suggested investigating free advertising venues, such as Internet blogs and live journals. Suggestions for content were divided into issues oriented ads and ads developing LP identity. Chris Maden suggested continuing the discussion on this topic in the LPSF Activist e-mail list.

Delegates to the LP State Convention
February 18-20, 2005
Sheraton Gateway Hotel at Los Angeles International Airport
$299 Full Package, $249 Meals/Speakers, $69 Speakers only, $39 Floor Pass only
10% Discount on payments received by 12/31/04.

Chris Maden requested that those wishing to attend the Convention need to make their interest known and be present for election of delegates at the LPSF January meeting on 1/8/05. The following members have made their interest known at this meeting: Phil Berg, Bryce Bigwood, Steve Dekorte, Mike Denny, Starchild. Bryce and Starchild are also interested in participating in the Platform or Program Committees.

Election of LPSF Officers

Election of officers will take place January 8, 2005. The following nominations were made at this meeting:

Chair: Mark Addleman, Phil Berg, Marcy Berry, Mike Denny

Vice Chair: Mark Addleman, Phil Berg, Marcy Berry, Steve Dekorte, Mike Denny, Starchild
Secretary: Marcy Berry, Françoise Fielding

Treasurer: Michael Acree, Bart Berry, Mike Denny

New Business

From Talking to Doing

Starchild presented the following proposal for discussion and vote: Shift the focus of LPSF efforts from acquiring members to hands-on activism. Suggestions under the proposal were: welcome and participate in the activism of non-members in libertarian-leaning issues; and replace the requirement for 15 minutes of discussion on membership development at LPSF meetings by 15 minutes of activity.

Michael Edelstein proposed a modification to Starchild's proposal: If there is no activity to work on at any particular meeting, revert to the discussion requirement. Votes on the modification were 3 yes, 6 no, 2 abstain; therefore, the modification did not pass.

Votes on Starchild's unmodified proposal were: 5 yes, 3 no, 2 abstain; therefore, the proposal carried.

Ballot Initiatives

Starchild reminded the membership that originating ballot initiatives is an effective way of developing the presence of the Libertarian Party in local politics. He proposed several initiatives, and suggested that a member's vote on what initiatives the LPSF pursue be tied to the amount of time and/or money the member is willing to invest on the initiatives. All initiatives should be specifically Libertarian:

Cap the salaries of individuals employed by the City.

Require City police badge numbers prominently stenciled in the back of uniforms.

Decriminalize marijuana, and/or eliminate funding for police action.

Require a resolution that the war on drugs is unconstitutional.

Require that City Supervisors abide by the same rules as private citizens when placing measures on the ballot.

Phil Berg contributed the following suggestions:

Require the City to issue its own driver's licenses, good for driving in the City and surrounding areas.

Roll back a City tax.

Chris Maden asked Starchild to determine the time line for ballot measures, and asked the membership to consider the proposals discussed at this meeting and pick one for action.

Ohio Vote Recount

Starchild requested a vote on adding the LPSF to the list of supporters of several rallies in the Bay Area bringing attention to the Ohio Vote Recount and to election irregularities that need to be corrected. Votes were: 6 yes, 1 abstain, 0 no.

Annual Day of Remembrance

Starchild requested a vote on adding the LPSF to the list of supporters of the "Annual Day of Remembrance," a gathering in front of City Hall on December 17, sponsored by SWOP. This event calls attention to crimes committed against sex workers, and to the importance of decriminalization of sex work. Vote was unanimously yes.

Adjournment and Holiday Party

After adjournment, those present enjoyed good talk, pizza, and a round of refreshments graciously offered by Chris Maden.