LPSF Minutes of 11/13/04

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Here is (I hope) the final version of the Minutes of 11/13/04.

Minutes of the LPSF Meeting - November 13, 2004

Present: Mike Acree, Marcy Berry, Mike Denny, Michael Edelstein, Françoise Fielding, Kelly Simpson, Starchild

Welcome and Introductions

The membership was pleased to welcome Philip Berg and Eric Dupree. Libertarian activist Philip Berg has recently returned to San Francisco after a stay in Arkansas. Eric Dupree, a registered independent and neighborhood activist in the Fillmore, is starting a run for San Francisco mayor in 2008.

Officer Reports


Marcy Berry reported for Bart Berry: Balance in the bank $2,201.42; year to date 11/13/04 net profit is $585.10.


Marcy Berry reported that the Minutes of 10/09/04 were approved as presented. The mail log was as follows: East Bay Libertarian Lifeline for November, San Mateo County Libertarian for November, six LPSF Newsletters sent out 10/29/04 returned by the post office; one donation check to the LP for $100.00.

Vice Chair: No report


Chris Maden was out of town, and Mark Addleman chaired this meeting. Mark reported that Chris' main activities during the past month were to prepare and mail out the Elections 2004 Issue of the LPSF Golden Gate Libertarian newsletter, and tally and report the election results.

Committee Reports

Development Committee

Mark Addleman reported Bryce Bigwood's good news that the state database has been updated. However, the bad news remains that the LPSF membership is still 90.

Communications Committee


Mark Addleman relayed Bryce Bigwood's report that the LPSF Website experienced a substantial increase in hits right after the Elections Issue Golden Gate Libertarian was mailed out, from 200 before the mailing to 3,000 after.


Mike Acree posed the question why is it that the East Bay LP can afford to send out a newsletter each month, while the LPSF cannot. Mark Addleman attributed the situation to the fact that the EBL has around 200 members contributing to the base of funds and effort.

Social Committee

The membership expressed thanks to Françoise Fielding for hosting the Election Night Party.

Speakers' Bureau

Kelly Simpson sent letters to local schools offering speakers. She spoke before two classes at Lowell High School on 10/18/04. Michael Edelstein expressed interest in being present during Kelly's presentations. Kelly said that at the next speaking opportunity she would ask her contact at the school if bringing observers would be possible, and she would announce the time and location of the presentation.


Guest Eric Dupree joined the LPSF's social hour as Starchild's invitation to visit the LPSF.


Michael Edelstein reminded the membership that nominations for LPSF officers will take place during the December meeting and elections during the January 2005 meeting.

Old Business

Membership Development

Reasons for loss of membership were offered: Libertarians feel their efforts are futile when their presidential candidates consistently receive around 1% of the vote nationwide. The Libertarian Party has no "brand identity;" are we conservative or progressive? Suggestions for membership development included: Emphasize that the Libertarian Party influences election results by introducing unique ideas that the established parties need to address, and by providing alternative candidates that will draw votes away from the major ones. Develop scripted language to describe the Party in order to communicate a more clear identity. Call successful LP chapters and ask what they do to increase their membership (Françoise Fielding committed to call two chapters a month).

New Business

LPSF Election of Officers

In anticipation of the nomination of officers at the December 11 meeting, Mark Addleman requested an expression of interest from the membership present in occupying the open seats. Most members either declined to serve, or indicated that they would be willing to serve if no one else volunteered. After discussion, the expressions of willingness to serve were as follows. Treasurer: Bart Berry (no one else expressed an interest); Secretary: Françoise Fielding (Mark Addleman committed to take notes should Françoise be absent); Vice Chair: Mike Denny and Marcy Berry; Chair: Marcy Berry (Phillip Berg, who attended the social hour, expressed interest also). Mike Denny was willing to serve as Chair, but felt that time constraints would prevent him from attending and presiding at meetings. There was discussion about electing a "Co-Chair" who would commit to taking up some of the responsibilities currently performed by the Chair. Mark asked if Marcy would be interested in that position; Marcy declined, noting that it would be better to stick to official positions, and the Chair delegate the duties not specifically assigned to the Chair in the By-Laws to the committees.

Election of Officers will take place at the January meeting (01/08/05).

Françoise Fielding reminded the membership that LP CA By-Laws require that election results be reported to the LP CA no later than 10 days after the election [period is 15 days].

For a description of the responsibilities of the LPSF Executive Committee, see "Duties of Officers" in the Addendum below.

Holiday Party

On December 11, there will be an official meeting and a Holiday Party following the meeting.


Libertarian Party of San Francisco By-laws
Article IV. Executive Committee

Section 1. Officers

The Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco shall consist of the following officers: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. No individual may hold more than one office, except as noted under Section 3 below. Officers must be duly qualified voting members of the LPSF.

Section 2. Duties of Officers

The Chair shall preside at all meetings and functions of the party and have general supervision of the work of the organization. The Chair shall publish electronically to other online members an agenda for each party meeting or similar event no later than one week preceding the event or meeting. The Chair shall be responsible for generating all meeting agendas, including any items requested for inclusion by voting members, in such a manner as to ensure that the organization meets its obligations in a timely manner and seizes opportunities which present themselves. The Chair may call meetings of the Executive Committee as described in Article V. Section 2.

The Vice-Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair in that person's absence, or may fill in when so requested by the Chair.

The Secretary shall take minutes at all meetings and similar party functions, and maintain this information in a database accessible to other officers and party members. The Secretary shall publish the minutes of each event or meeting electronically to other online members no later than one week following the event or meeting.

The Treasurer shall receive and be custodian of all funds of the party and shall pay all bills. The Treasurer shall keep an account of all monies received and disbursed, and shall make a full report of the organization's finances at each regular monthly meeting, or as directed by the Chair, and shall file all proper reports as required by law. The Treasurer shall promptly reimburse other officers or party members for out-of-pocket expenses authorized by the Executive Committee.