LPSF Meetings: October 9 and September 11 [1 Attachment]

Dear All,

1. October 9th Meeting

Good meeting today. Besides the usual reports, we discussed working with outside groups of like minds, and other outreach strategies. We had a guest, Matt Drake, Candidate for Supervisor District 6, who is running on a pro-business platform. Matt's responses to some of our questions during Q&A were not what we are accustomed to in Libertarian circles, but then, he stated right off he was a Democrat.

We have a ton of door hangers that are just right for voters' current disappointments with Dems and Reps. The heading "Have the Republicans and Democrats let you down?" Who can resist reading further. So we are meeting next Saturday October 16 at 1:00 pm. location TBA to distribute them in a lucky neighborhood. Stay tuned. More ifo to come. But please mark your calendars.

2. September 11th Meeting Mintures

Jawj sent me the minutes for posting last night, but I did not have time to post them until now. They are attached and pasted below. I will put them up on the LPSF website on Tuesday 12th.



Minutes of the LPSF Meeting of September
11, 2010

Members Present: Marcy Berry (Chair) , Phil Berg, Francoise
Fielding, Ron Getty (Vice-Chair), Jawj Greenwald (Secretary), Tim Kuklinsky, Leslie
Mangus (Treasurer), Rob Power,
Richard Winger.

Guest: Jason Williams

Officers’ Reports:

Marcy Berry reported on a bequest of $3,459.77 which the LPSF received as
residuary legatee under the will of deceased LPSF member Christen Wegener. She followed up on commitments made to the
Patrol Special Police by writing and attending public meetings in their

Vice Chair: No report

Treasurer: The LPSF has $5,883.54 in its coffers.

No report. Marcy Berry posted some notes of the August 14 meeting online, in
the absence of the Secretary at the last meeting.

Richard Winger reported that a motion
for a preliminary injunction against implementation of “Top Two” elections
(ballot measure Proposition 14, passed in June) was pending in SF Superior
Court. [It was denied September 14. – ed.]

Phil Berg reported that his campaign was progressing well.

Michael Edelstein and Starchild probably attended the
September 4 Principles over Politics Rally featuring Ron Paul, but neither was
present to report on it.

Committee Reports:

Internet Communication/Social Networking: Changes to our website and improvements to
our facebook page are being implemented in an attempt to use social networking
sites to increase our influence.

Membership: Marcy Berry
reported that no new members joined this month.

Old Business:

Measures: We formally voted our
positions on the initiative/ballot measures to appear on the November 2 ballot. Ron Getty presented a capsule summary of the
final list of measures that will appear on the ballot. Since they had been discussed at the previous
two meetings, comment before our vote was brief. Our formal recommendations as follows:

PROP. AA Adds a $10 vehicle
registration fee to fund transportation related projects

Recommendation: NO (Unanimous)

PROP. A Earthquake Retrofit Bond Measure

Recommendation: NO (unanimous)

PROP. B City Pension and Health Plan Reform to require
greater employee contributions

Recommendation: YES (Vote: 6 yes,
1 no)

PROP. C Requires that Mayor attend Board of Supervisors’
meeting monthly

Recommendation: NO (Vote: 2 yes,
6 no)

PROP. D Allows non-citizen parents to vote in school board

No Recommendation: (Vote: 4 yes,
2 no, 2 no position)

PROP. E Allows election day
voter registration for local elections.

Recommendation: NO (Vote: 0 yes,
6 no, 2 no position)

PROP. F Changes term for elected members of the Health Service
Board so as to stagger

No Recommendation (unanimous)

PROP. G “Fix Muni Now” measure
that changes current system whereby MUNI workers’ pay is average of top two
transit wages nationally.

Recommendation: YES (unanimous)

PROP. H Prohibits elected officials from
simultaneously being members of SF political party central committee.

Recommendation: NO (0 yes, 5 no,
3 no position)\

PROP. I Trial program to open 400 Saturday polling
booths funds.

Recommendation: NO (1yes, 6 no, 1
no position)

PROP. J A 2% increase in the hotel tax until 2014.

Recommendation: NO (unanimous)

PROP. K Closes current loophole by applying city
hotel tax to online or airline bookings.

Recommendation: NO (unanimous)

PROP. L “Sit/Lie” law prohibiting sitting or lying on
public sidewalks

Recommendation: NO (2 yes, 5 no,
1 no position)

PROP. M Requires
police stations to implement community policing and foot patrols. Special Note:
If this ordinance receives more votes than sit/lie, sit/lie will not be

Recommendation: NO (2 yes, 5 no,
1 no position)

PROP. N Increases real property transfer tax.

Recommendation: NO (unanimous)

Ron Getty will post these
recommendations on the website and Rob Power will announce them in a postcard
mailing to the full membership.

New Business

Use of $3460 Bequest. We discussed
the best use of the funds just received from the Wegener bequest. Given how little money in the form of dues is
coming in, it was agreed that at least half of it should be held as reserves to
support our normal operations, and the rest dedicated to local activism, e.g.
support of local campaigns and ballot initiatives that will directly benefit
the LPSF.

In-Meeting Activism. Rob
Power gave a few pointers on how to submit a letter to the editor of our local

We went round the table and each
recounted a blow for freedom that we had struck in the previous month. [For lack of anything else, my release of
over 30 raccoons in the Presidio qualified as “standing up to power”. I managed to do it without arrest by the park
police who twice stopped my car to idly question me. –ed].

Marcy, the two sheets of labels you gave me were enough for about 1/2 of the
stack of door hangers you gave me. So if you can print an extra 2 sheets,
we may be able to affix the other half of this stack prior to our canvassing
next Saturday.