LPSF Meeting Agenda - August 11, 2007

Dear Starchild;

I believe Chris Maden is putting together a mayoral candidates night for either Sept or October for the LPSF to meet and greet and make a recommendation on an endorsement for mayor.

Mike Powers has been invited to our LPSF regular meeting. Was the same invitation to all the other registered mayoral candidates made so they also would have the advantage of a LPSF group meeting prior to a mayoral candidates night? Will they be invited to attend the next available LPSF monthly meeting before the mayoral candidates night?

While the contest for mayor appears to be a one candidate race for re-election with Newsom running against himself we shouldn't play favorites. If one candidate gets invited to an LPSF meeting all candidates should be invited to an LPSF meeting.

Fairness is as fairness goes and fairness dictates this.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian