LPSF Meeting 4/10/10 - Initiatives For The June 8th, 2010 Ballot

Dear All

Below and attached are the ballot initiatives to be voted on at the April 10, 2010 LPSF meeting during the business meeting from 3pm - 5 pm.

Please note the business meeting will take place in the Community Room of the Richmond District Police Station at 461 6th Ave. located 1/2 block south of Geary Blvd..

See you there.

Ron Getty
Vice Chair
Chair Initiatives Committee

If it works right you should be able to highlight the name of the initiaitve hold down ctrl on your keyboard and right click on your mouse to get the pdf of the ballot initiative. ( Unh Hunh.....)


These will be voted on at the Saturday April 10th, 2010 LPSF monthly meeting.

District Tax Measure

Measure A - Requesting approval for renewing for another 20
years a continuation of a special parcel tax established in 1990 for facilities
improvements. The rate is $32.20 per parcel for non-residential and $16.10 per
residential parcel. A continuation of the estimated $16 million parcel tax with
a requisite 2/3’s vote as required by law.

Safety and Emergency Response General Obligation Bond

Measure B - $412 million bond requiring a 2/3’s vote for
passage to upgrade and earthquake proof fire and police stations and auxiliary
water supply and other critical infrastructure with a 50% pass-through of the
resulting property tax

a Film Commission, Its Membership, Qualifications and Power

Measure C - Creating by charter amendment a Film Commission
of 11 members Mayor nominates 6 and Board Supervisor nominates 5. The basic
requirements are the members have professional film industry experience of some

Employer Retirement Benefit Cost

Measure D - An effort to rein in health and pension benefits
of City employees and save some $250 - $300 million over 25 years.

Line Item for Police Department Dignitary Security

Measure E - Would require the SFPD to submit a line item
designating how much of the budget went to security for officials and

Economic Relief

Measure F - Severe limitations on what a landlord can do in
rent increases and pass through of taxes and costs for upgrades and repairs
with limits for increases based on tenant’s income with the tenant having the
right of appeal and the landlord being required to provide all sorts of
documentation to get approval. The ordinance is very anti-landlord and very
anti-property and very anti-rental units.

new Transbay Center, under construction at First and Mission, be the northern
terminus for California High Speed Rail

Measure G - Policy statement asking the high speed rail
terminus be built where the current Transbay Terminal is located instead of two
blocks over from the Transbay Terminal.

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