LPSF Meeting 06/12/10

Dear All,

Thanks so much to those who came to the meeting, the Usual Suspects plus two guests.

We now have "official" business cards thanks to Rob. If you keep your eyes peeled, you will see plenty of opportunities to give out these perfect outreach tools. Let Rob know if you want some of the cards.

Rob will crank out modified business cards for the upcoming Pride Festival June 26/27. We will have a booth, so come on over to talk to folks, distribute literature, and experience standing up for something you believe in.

For sure for your calendar, July 4th Party at Rob's. Bring yourself, your significant other, your Mom and/or Dad and/or other family, and anyone else who you feel will enjoy good food and great company.

Ah yes, Ron presented a summary of the stuff that passed at the last election. Time ran out before we went into the agenda item re: Prop 14. We need to sort out our strategies post Prop 14, which we will do at the next meeting.

Regarding Sit/Lie Proposition, we did discuss the proposition's basic objectives, but there was no consensus to officially support or not.

Thank you to Treasurer Leslie for researching and presenting political parties' filing obligations. Bottom line seems to be we take same approach as LP CA -- promote our Party, our candidates, and our principles all we can, but stay away from specific candidate monetary donations.

We have a great Website, thanks mostly to Rob and Ron. They will work out some improvements re: topical issues (candidates, issues we are supporting or not) are immediately accessible on the front page.

Anything else? Did I miss anything?