LPSF June 2020 Minutes [1 Attachment]


Attached are the minutes from today's meeting, pending approval at the
next meeting.

While I am happy that the members voted to rescind the recommendation of
Republican John Dennis, I am disappointed that the members did not take
seriously our county chair's poor leadership and disregard of county and
state bylaws. These are the rules that we agree to be bound by to exist as
an organization. If our chair refuses to follow them, or at the very least
wait for them to be amended, is not a sign that new leadership is needed?

Respectfully yours,

Richard Fast
Libertarian Party of San Francisco

LPSF June 2020 Minutes.pdf (74.4 KB)

Thank you for the update and minutes and wish I could have attended.

With all due respect to the attendees and their opinions, Starchild deserves an enormous amount of organizational “cred” for his involvement over the years. There may be and always have been some issues regarding his managerial style, but I will always give him the benefit of the doubt. And will never disparage his name or intentions. That said, I’m through with John Dennis for a variety of reasons and agree with the outcome.

Michael Denny
Libertarian Party of San Francisco
No On Prop A
(415) 608-0269

Dear freedom lovers,

  One of the items on the agenda is minutes from past meetings. We have not generally held formal votes to approve minutes in the past, but I'm open to making that our regular practice. In that spirit, I've gone over the minutes Richard sent (attached to this email) and made some suggested corrections/changes.

  I am trying to remember what (if anything) we did regarding minutes for our online meeting in April. I cannot find any April minutes. Here are my notes on the minutes for the June, May, and March meetings.

June 2020 minutes
• In the chair's report, the names of the shows on which I made guest appearances are "The Black Side of Liberty" (Nicholas Wildstar) and "Hardfire" (Cameron Weber).
• Phil Berg's name is listed incorrectly
• On the motion to rescind our recommendation of John Dennis, I stated I would support the motion even though I objected to it, given my feeling that it wasn't worth losing Richard Fast's involvement over the issue
• At the end where I said the conversation about online platforms can continue via email, if I mentioned a specific list it should have been the LPSF-Activists list, as the topic is related to party business

May 2020 minutes
• Jeff Yunes' name is listed incorrectly
• Many of the notes in the minutes read like a draft, with abbreviations, run-on sentences, typos, etc., could use some cleaning up
• The meeting was a hybrid of online via conference call (FreeConferenceCall.com?) and in-person (at the home of Alex Mills, 4236 25th St. in Noe Valley).

March 2020 minutes
• The location of Cafe Europa where we met is 4318 California Street (between 5th and 6th Avenue in the Richmond)
• "East Bay" should be capitalized

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))

LPSF June 2020 Minutes.pdf (74.4 KB)

LPSF May 2020 minutes-2.pdf (99.9 KB)

LPSF March 2020 unofficial minutes.pdf (29.6 KB)