[lpsf] Correspondence with mayoral candidate Eric DuPree


  Thank you for your responses. Yes, the office of mayor is non-partisan, so you wouldn't be listed on the ballot as a Libertarian even if you join the party. That said, people who pay attention to politics tend to know what the major candidates' party affiliations are, even when they are not listed. When I ran for the non-partisan offices of supervisor and school board, I think it was pretty common knowledge among the politically engaged in this town that I was running as a Libertarian. However, running as a Libertarian is only of value to the party if you are actually taking libertarian positions on the issues! If you are not willing to take pro-freedom positions and stand by them, then I think John's question is well-taken -- why should we support you? After all, virtually every candidate says that they will listen to everybody -- that isn't enough to set you apart or make you better than the pack from a libertarian perspective.

  While not being a registered Libertarian or party member is not a deal breaker as far as I'm concerned, not being the most pro-freedom candidate in the race *is* a deal-breaker, at least for me. And if a candidate won't take enough specific stands on the issues to make it clear that s/he is the most pro-freedom candidate in a race, I have to assume s/he may not be. If you just plan to go by whatever the majority of San Francisco voters want you to do ("What I want from everyone is an opportunity to champion your political stands"), that's definitely not good enough, because the sad truth is that the majority of SF voters typically vote the *wrong way* on most candidates and ballot measures!

  We badly need *leaders* who are willing to get out in front of public opinion, and lead it in the right direction, by being *more* pro-freedom on most issues than most of the public. I like you, but I don't make political decisions just on the basis of somebody being a nice guy. Mark Leno is a nice guy too, but that doesn't mean I'm voting for him.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))

P.S. - If you do get the signatures you are seeking and run for mayor, I would strongly advise you for your own sake to find a good editor for your public statements, or take more time in crafting them. As one or two others have commented, I have difficulty at times reading and understanding your posts. A couple examples:

• You wrote "applaud" in your message below, when I think you meant "appalled".

• "In regards, Starchild, to capping the compensation of all employees to $99k, I intend to look on an individual application basis of salary desired to make that determination."

(Are you saying that you support eliminating set salaries for city employees, and instead having each hire be a negotiated salary, based on what a job applicant says s/he is willing to work for? I'm not really sure what you're specifically saying.)

Starchild, I posted your "open borders" cry on my Facebook.
I shall prove, what one truly believe means more than what party one assigns to...or party one attends.
Hint: how bout another HALLOWEEN Party campaign bash, like you did before?:dancer::dancer::running_man::dancer::running_man::dancer::dancer::running_man: :dancer::running_man: :dancer: :dancer::running_man: :dancer: