LPSF Chair on Angie Coiro radio show tonight at 7pm - Topic: Gov't arts funding in tough economic times

I'll be on Green 960 AM tonight at 7 discussing government funding of
the arts. Please tune in, call in, and visit the LiveBlog as detailed

Excellent, Rob! I've copied my proposed LP platform plank on the arts
below, in case you may find any of it useful to cite. Another good
point to raise is to say something to your fellow guests like,

"We're interested in working with arts advocates to increase
government arts funding by eliminating larger expenditures elsewhere
in government to pay for arts programs, with the balance of money
being used to cut taxes and fees. That way, both artists and ordinary
people will financially benefit. For example, the San Francisco city
government reportedly spends about $11.4 million a year arresting and
prosecuting consenting adults for prostitution. Perhaps the
Libertarian Party and your organizations could find common ground by
issuing a joint call for this budget item to be eliminated, and the
money put toward arts grants and tax cuts?"

"As Libertarians, we feel it is not morally or fiscally responsible to
increase government's financial strain on the public, but we are open
to shifting funds that government is using to hurt people toward
causes that may be doing some good, if the total burden of government
is reduced."

  You might also try to point out successful examples of groups that do
not take government funding, or those which have greatly reduced their
government funding take, like NPR. Good luck!

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Holly Molly, Rob, that's super! I just saw this e-mail now, but I am sure your interview was great.


Thank you for calling in and participating in the LiveBlog, Starchild.
BTW, both the other guests recognized you when you called. :slight_smile:

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