LPSF Candidate Recommendations

The June 5 election is fast approaching, and we haven't yet taken any positions on local races for public office, which I think is unfortunate. Nick and I were talking about whether we should try to schedule a separate event where we invite all the candidates (although many who are highly statist probably won't show up) to come and take part in a formal recommendation process (either hearing from them and questioning them one at a time, or lumping them together on panels by contest), or inviting only a handful that we're interested in to come to our meeting.

  I would prefer we do an actual event. Vetting local candidates for public office and providing our supporters with intelligence about them, and voting recommendations in cases where we think one or more candidates are significantly better (or less bad) than others, is performing an important public service that as far as I know isn't being done by any other pro-freedom group locally. It helps put the LPSF on the political map, reminds politicians that we're here and we vote, lets them hear our ideas, facilitates coalition-building with those who have libertarian leanings on specific issues, etc.

  Who are people planning to support and why? Who do you think the LPSF should support and why?

List of candidates I'd be interested in hearing from (* = those I'd support now in the absence of further info)

Hi Starchild. I don't find most of the candidates very interesting and
plan to leave it blank for most offices. However, it is true that some
could be less bad than others, so I would attend such an event. I'll
probably vote for Richie for Mayor and definitely Evangelista as one of the
judges. D12 for Congress looks kind of interesting--for sure Remmer and
Buttar would be a million percent better than Pelosi.

If we're going to have an event, for me it would probably have to be on a
weeknight as the next few weekends are already filled up.