LPSF Business Card [1 Attachment]

Attached is a first pass at the LPSF business card. Is this what you all
had in mind?


  These look great. Nice job! I like this version of the quiz a lot
too. My suggestions concern mainly moving things around and resize
them on the left half of the front:

- make the logo about twice the size it is now
- stretch the words "Libertarian Party" and "of San Francisco" out to
fill close to the entire space next to the logo, so that the spacing
around the quiz graph matches the spacing between it and the text on
the right side of the front
- add a third blank line in the middle (I can think of at least four
things one might readily want to write on the cards -- name, position,
phone, and email address)
- shrink the party address information at the bottom to fit in the
remaining space

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Rob,

I always find myself missing out on the attachments because I am on Email Digest. But, I am sure you have done a great job, which can all see at the next meeting. Thank you.


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