LPSF Brochures [1 Attachment]

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the image. I edited to print landscape and fill the page, and the results are blurry. If I print the image as is on your attachment, it looks good, but not the size we can distribute.

To make matters worse, I tried to save the image as a photo in a new Photos files to see if I could get better quality, but that did not work, and it zapped the attachment from your post.

Any suggestions? I have attached the image I saved to this post.


Dear All,

The brochure situation is getting curiouser and curiouser. Today I received a package containing the "Political Puzzle" brochures I had ordered from LP. Apparently, the credit card company sorted out the good charge of $117 from the bad charge of $24,117. So now we have 500 brochures that I am committed to paste "Distributed by LPSF" information, as agreed at the last meeting. At this point, I will either hunker down and paste the labels or run away from home. I will let you know which in a few days.



If you need help pasting labels, let me know.
I can come over and give you a hand.
You can call 415-829-4079 or email lesliemangus@att.net.
I will be available Sat and/or Sun.

If someone is going to drive to Richmond, I will go and help man the booth and
help pay for gas and tolls.

Les Mangus

Hi Les,

Thank you. Much appreciated!! I will check to see when I can do it, Sat or Sun, and let you know ASAP.