LPSF ballot measure positions

 At the LPSF meeting today we went through the local measures on the ballot for the upcoming June 7 election, and took the following positions:

Prop. A (public transit bond) - NO
Prop. B (Building Inspection Commission reform) - NO POSITION
Prop. C (make recall elections harder) - NO
Prop. D (create new Victim/Witness Rights Office) - NO
Prop. E (further restrict behested payments) - YES
Prop. F (weak garbage collection reform) - NO
Prop. G (paid sick leave for air quality) - NO
Prop. H (DA Chesa Boudin recall) - NO

 Chris and I will be writing up blurbs for these positions for the LPSF website – please let us know if you have input/suggestions.

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P.S. – Chesa Boudin answered questions on livestream video at a KQED event May 3, which you can still watch at San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin with Political Breakdown | KQED Events. Below also just in from his campaign, news that the Examiner (like the Chronicle) is opposing the recall:


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Subject: SF Examiner: District Attorney recall based on falsehoods, won’t fix crime or homelessness

Today, I’m pleased to announce that we have earned the endorsement of the San Francisco Examiner (Editorial: Prop. H will punish Boudin, but it won’t solve San Francisco’s real problems - The San Francisco Examiner), one of the oldest newspapers in all of San Francisco.
The editorial board concludes that voters should vote NO on the recall this June – here’s why:
The recall campaign’s case against us is light on facts but heavy on anecdote, emotion, and untrue accusations.
In fact, throughout my tenure, our city has experienced far smaller crime spikes than other cities like Sacramento, which has a supposedly “tough on crime” D.A.
Much of the criticism leveled by the recall effort hinges on “tone” but my message on criminal justice reform is what voters chose when they elected me in 2019.
This is a significant moment for our campaign. We clearly have momentum, and I’m proud to have the Examiner’s endorsement.
But this isn’t stopping the recall effort from spending millions in the final weeks of this campaign to spread lies about my record.
So I need your support: Can you help me capture this momentum by making a donation of $20, $50, $100, or whatever amount you can afford right now? (ActBlue)
$20 » (ActBlue)$50 » (ActBlue)$100 » (ActBlue)Other » (ActBlue)With the election just weeks away, I need your support now more than ever – or everything we’ve fought for could be taken away.
There’s been over $5 million spent blaming me, but the notion that any one person, district attorney or otherwise, could single-handedly in a one-or-two-year period bend the arc of crime goes in the face everything serious policymakers and criminologists tell us.
All of us, myself included, are frustrated by the crime we see around us in San Francisco.
But what the recall is doing – and the millions of dollars they’re spending on it – is distracting all of us as San Franciscans from the nuanced, complex conversations we ought to be having about the Tenderloin, about how we can support our small businesses, about how we can make sure we’re preserving the kind of character that makes San Francisco so unique.
I’m not ready to give up – and I can’t thank you enough for your support,
Chesa Boudin

Chesa Boudin was elected District Attorney of San Francisco in 2019 to reform our criminal justice system. Now, right-wingers want to reverse our progress and return our city to a time when innocent people were locked away and police acted with impunity.
Please chip in today to keep up the fight to reform San Francisco’s criminal justice system.
DONATE NOW » (ActBlue)
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