LPSF & Amazon.com

There's a book I want to buy on Amazon -- can we get credit for referrals on items not specifically listed on the LPSF site? If so, our site should explain this, and explain the procedure. It would also be cool to tell people how much of a commission the party gets on these referrals.

  Another note on the website -- the candidate vote totals and percentages need updating. Here are the figures for local candidates currently on the SF Elections Dept. site:

Harland Harrison - 1,544 votes - 2.56%
Chris Maden - 7,940 votes - 6.21%
Jonathan Scott Marvin - 8,980 votes - 4.93%
David Rhodes - 5,366 votes - 3.00%
Starchild - 23,040 votes - 3.04%

Yours in liberty,
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