LPSF Agenda for 5/14/05


     Since I won't be here, obviously I won't be giving a report, so you can take that item off this month's and June's agendas. I'll be back June 24 or 25 for the Pride Parade (I'm flying in to L.A. on the 24th because it was cheaper than going directly to S.F. and will figure out how best to get home from there).

     My two cents on the newsletter is that yes it is worth printing one; we should put the content online as well. The intended market should be both LP members and the general public. Ideally these would be handled as two separate functions, but we probably do not have the resources to do that, and both audiences are important to connect with via a regular publication with timely local content.

     Folding and preparing newsletters would in my opinion be an appropriate use of the activism time slot at meetings. Since again I won't be at this or June's meetings, volunteers will be needed to select an activity for those meetings. One possibility of such an activity would be for people to bring SF history or recent events stories to share that could be used in a walking tour (bring specific dates and locations of events and thoughts on what angle could be used to include them in an LPSF walking tour).

Yours in liberty,
                            <<< Starchild >>>

P.S. - Hello to everyone from Salzburg, Austria!

P.P.S. - While in Munich I visited the concentration camp at nearby Dachau where I took an opportunity to cross out the adjective "right-wing" describing the Nazi party in a binder describing the site's history and replace it with "socialist." 8)