LPSF Agenda for 11/13/10 [1 Attachment]

Dear All,

Attached and copied below is the Agenda for LPSF meeting of November 13, 2010. Please forgive that I am a little late, but I would still like to post the Agenda on the LPSF Website by Thursday 11. Please let me know if I forgot some topic, or you would like to suggest a new topic.



Libertarian Party of San Francisco: November 13, 2010

Location: San Francisco Main Library, 1st
Floor Conference Room

Meeting Starts 3:00

Welcome and Introduction/New Agenda Items :05 3:05 pm

Office Reports :05 3:10 pm

Treasurer: Les Mangus

Secretary: Jawj Greenwald

Vice Chair: Ron Getty

Chair: Marcy Berry

Committee Reports :10 3:20 pm

Internet Communications/Social Networking: Rob Power

Initiatives/Ballot Measures: Ron

Membership: Marcy Berry

Outreach: Starchild

Political Candidates’ Report of
experience and results :10 3:30

Activists’ Report: What have we done for Liberty lately? :15 3:45

Announcements :05 3:50

Old Business

Door Hanger Project Update :10 4:00 pm

New Business

LPSF subscription to Zoomerang survey program – Ron Getty :15 4:15 pm

    What is it. Who will use it. When.

LPSF lobbying and volunteering for LP National Convention 2012 :25 4:40 pm

    Benefits to LPSF of having
National Convention in SF

    Assessment of what LPSF needs
to do for a successful Convention

    LPSF members who pledge to
make success happen

In-MeetingActivism :20 5:00 pm

    E-mailing LP National
Convention leaders pledging to volunteer

        Bring your laptop if you
have one.

Thanks for the agenda, Marcy.

  Regarding the item "Political Candidates' Report of experience and
results", I've talked about my campaign events and publicity from time
to time as I was running, but it didn't seem to generate much
discussion. So rather than talk about it some more at our meeting, I'm
simply going to take questions. If you have any interest in local
campaigns for public office and want to hear more from a Libertarian
who just ran, come up with some meaningful questions for me. If no
questions are forthcoming, I propose that we instead spend the time
going around the room and each person can talk about what he or she
can do to aid the cause of liberty in San Francisco between this
meeting and our next meeting.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

I second Starchild's proposal.

Warm regards, Michael

Hi Starchild,

Yes, I know you have shared your campaign with us all along, which was great. So, sure, if neither Phil nor Richard (on behalf of Christina) are at the meeting at the time of the agenda item to which you refer, we can certainly talk about other political activism.