LPSF Agenda for 11/12/05

Hi All,

Here is the Agenda for the LPSF meeting of 11/12/05, cut and pasted
below and uploaded in the Files Section.

Please let me know if you have additional items



LPSF Agenda: November 12, 2005

`Meeting Starts 3:00 pm` `Welcome and Introductions / New Agenda Items :05 3:05 pm`
Officer Reports :05 3:10 pm
Treasurer: Michael Acree
Secretary: Jawj Greenwald
Vice Chair: Phil Berg
Chair: Marcy Berry
`Committee Reports`
Membership :05 3:15 pm
Development: Chris Maden
Database: Bryce Bigwood
Membership Count: Bryce Bigwood
`Communications :05 3:20 pm` `Communications: Chris Maden` `Website: Bryce Bigwood` `Public Access Television: Phil Berg` `Newsletter: Justin Sampson`
Bylaws - Chris Maden :05 3:25 pm
`Outreach - Starchild :10 3:35 pm`
Social Event :05 3:40 pm
`Announcements :05 3:45 pm` `JSA Conference 11/19/05: contact Lawrence Samuels` `Old Business`
Activism - Starchild :15 4:00 pm
`November 8th Elections: :10 4:10 pm` `Any lesson to be learned from what/who won/lost?` `What we did/could have done`
LPC Convention 2005: :10 4:20 pm
February 24-17, 2006. Information/Reservations: 800 422-0711
`Who is committed to participating? Why/Why not?`
Open Projects: Are they still alive? :20 4:40 pm
Amazon Associates Program
Libertarian Walking Tour - Live
Libertarian Walking Tour - Virtual for Public Access TV
`Constituency Poster` `Constituency-based outreach`
New Business



[U s government grant](http://groups.yahoo.com/gads?t=ms&k=U+s+government+grant&w1=U+s+government+grant&w2=California&w3=Activist&w4=California+politics&c=4&s=81&.sig=FOd4qdqU12L0kWrsKhuYhQ) [California](http://groups.yahoo.com/gads?t=ms&k=California&w1=U+s+government+grant&w2=California&w3=Activist&w4=California+politics&c=4&s=81&.sig=5g8CqXOcIKJM2EAreG5g9A) [Activist](http://groups.yahoo.com/gads?t=ms&k=Activist&w1=U+s+government+grant&w2=California&w3=Activist&w4=California+politics&c=4&s=81&.sig=XEaAErK74HG3MSPO5TzVNg)
[California politics](http://groups.yahoo.com/gads?t=ms&k=California+politics&w1=U+s+government+grant&w2=California&w3=Activist&w4=California+politics&c=4&s=81&.sig=9hSbXY7OkkWB6WjvI2ajBg)


Thank you for scheduling the activism item relatively early in the meeting (4 PM).

Starchild, it would be terrific if you had an activism item to suggest.

Best, Michael