LPSF Agenda for 10/09/10

If any of you decide to do this, I strongly advise first stamping the top
back of them (there's a blank area available) with the rubber stamp that has
the LPSF website and phone number. If, instead, we just distribute them at
the meeting and ask members to take a stack to distribute in their own
neighborhoods, I advise stamping them first. Regardless, I'd like people
seeing our content first, before seeing LP.org, since the national party
website isn't exactly tailored for reaching the typical San Francisco voter.

Hi Michael and Rob,

Michael, it's on the revised agenda!! Thank you. I am wondering if we can turn this into a terrific activists' social. Some of us are courageous and dedicated enough to go on our own, others of us are not, we need a buddy system of some kind. I still remember when a few years ago some of us got together to collect signatures for our candidates; we went two and three together, totally inefficient as a time/benefit situation, but we sure had a good time, I thought! We might add dinner at the end!

Rob, yes, we definitely need to have the LPSF name and website on the door hangers, but where is this stamp to which you refer?? If you have one, great; if not, let me know, and I will print some labels for us to paste on the hangers at the meeting?


I thought we used the stamp at one of the meetings were we did a mailing for
Richard, while we were still meeting in the Archstone conference room. Does
it only have our mailing address (and the old one at that)?

Given the short notice, I suppose labels are the better solution.

Hi Rob,

Yes, unfortunately the stamp had our old address. I will bring the labels.


Hi Rob and All,

I see that I also received a sample door hanger. The front of the hanger is colorful and says "Have the Republicans and Democrats let you down?". The back is gray, dull, and has no eye catching sound-byte statement; but has room for an LPSF label. The bottom front says "Find out more about the Libertarian Party at LP.org", but size of space too small to cover with a label. The only space in the colorful front for lpsf.org identification is between the hanger opening and the sound-byte; and there is where I would like to place a label that says "Distributed by the Libertarian Party of San Francisco lpsf.org" I am open for suggestions, but adamant about having the dull back side of the hanger as the first thing people see.


I'm thinking of sponsoring an essay competition on the theme "'A Dull
Back Side' Is the Story of the Libertarian Party."

Hi Mike A.,

Fantastic idea!!! I will sponsor another essay contest on the "Gray Libertarian."