LPSF Agenda for 04/10/10 [1 Attachment]

Dear All,

Attached and pasted below is the LPSF Agenda for our meeting on 04/10/10. Please let me know if I forgot a topic, or if you would like to propose one for consideration. By Wednesday 7th, the Agenda will turn to granite, and I will post it on the LPSF Website.

  LPSF Agenda:
  April 10, 2010
  Meeting Starts
  3:00 pm
  Welcome and Introductions / New
  Agenda Items
  3:05 pm
  3:15 pm
  Treasurer: Les Mangus
  Secretary: Jawj Greenwald – Approval of
  Vice Chair: Ron Getty
  Chair: Marcy Berry
  3:25 pm
  Internet Communications/Social
  Networking: Rob Power
  Initiatives/Ballot Measurers: Ron
  Membership: Marcy Berry
  Outreach: Starchild
  3:30 pm
  Ballot Measures Recommendations:
  Ron Getty
  3:50 pm
  LPSF Business Cards: Ron Getty and Rob Power
  4:00 pm
  April 15 Tax Protest: Jawj
  Phil Berg for Congress, Christina Tobin for SOS
  4:10 pm
  4:20 pm
  LPSF Participation in local politics: Current level and opportunities
  4:40 pm
  What is membership’s opinion of LPSF’s level of participation?
  may be the opportunities? Such as:
  DA’s announcement about resources allocated to war on drugs
  City police budget and planned layoffs
  Other opportunities?