LPSF Agenda 01/08/11


Unfortunately I was unable to access this.

You used to include the agenda in the body of an email, which worked well
for me. Has this gone the way of the typewriter and the phonograph?

Warm regards, Michael

Hi Michael,

As I said, I had given up trying to paste because I don't know how. So the mess I end up with below is the best I can do. Sorry,


Libertarian Party of San Francisco Agenda: January 8, 2011
Meeting Location: San Francisco Main Library, 1st Floor Conference Room

Meeting Starts 3:00 pm
Welcome and Introduction/New Agenda Items :05 3:05 pm

Officer Reports :05 3:10 pm
Treasurer: Les Mangus
Secretary: Jawj Greenwald
Vice Chair: Ron Getty
Chair: Marcy Berry

Committee Reports :05 3:15 pm
Internet Communications/Social Networking: Rob Power
Initiatives/Ballot Measures: Ron Getty
Membership: Marcy Berry
Outreach: Starchild

Political Candidates/Activists' Report :05 3:20 pm
Announcements :10 3:30 pm

Old Business
Subscription to a Survey Program – Ron Getty :10 3:40 pm
    Cost – Who will manage – Locations of surveys - Etc

Participation in Pride Festival June 25, 2011 :10 3:50 pm
       Making booth reservation: password, etc.

Establishing LPSF Bylaws Committee :10 4:00 pm
New Business

Election of LPSF Officers for 2011 :20 4:20 pm

Monthly meeting location. Conference Room renewal :10 4:30 pm
Ways LPSF can support organizations – Suggested organizations: :15 4:45 pm
    Campaign for Liberty, Future of Freedom, Independent Institute
    Institute for Justice, Mises Institute

Ballot Arguments – Ways for LPSF to participate – Aubrey Friedman :15 5:00 pm


Works for me!


Warm regards, Michael