LPSF added as sponsor for Sept. 30 medical marijuana event

I just talked with Clark Sullivan, the guy organizing the rally at the Civic Center on the 30th that I'll be speaking at, and at my request he's going to add the LPSF as a listed sponsor of the event (along with the Marijuana Party, Americans for Safe Access, and Clark's website, HempEvolution.org). He says there would be minimal cost associated with sponsorship, as the only things for which costs are not covered are a couple Porta-potties and a small dumpster the city is requiring them to have. I figure the advertising value for the LPSF of appearing on the fliers and getting thanked at the event should more than equal out our share of any expenses that result, but if for some unexpected reason the party refuses to pay any costs associated with being a sponsor, I'll cover it, since technically I did not have authorization to request that status (just figured it wouldn't be a problem and easier to just go ahead and do it).

Yours in liberty,
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