[lpradicals] LP focus / candidates finally listed on LP.org / vote in daily poll


  Very much agreed. I might add that the agenda seems to have been narrowed yet further, towards only electing *certain* candidates. Although I'm pleased to report that the national office has -- finally -- updated the list of candidates on LP.org. Not sure whether the list is complete, but I entered the names of a few candidates I know to be running and they all showed up. I've seen no announcement from national about this long overdue update, but I'm glad it's been done.

  Incidentally, those who feel that the LP is focused too much on elections and too enamored of career politicians, might want to consider voting in the party's current daily poll: http://www.lp.org/poll . Elevating the importance of elected experience tends to devalue the importance of having libertarian ideas. I'm also suggesting as a daily poll question, "How important is having strongly libertarian positions on the issues?"

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