[lpradicals] Libertarian Priorities (global and U.S.)

Except for the open borders concept, which worked terribly for the American Indians, I agree with the great majority of what you said. You have obviously devoted a lot of thought to these issues. You make an excellent point regarding devolution, which most libertarians don't recognize. Other than stopping the immigration invasion, a great deal of the devolution which is taking place in our country would end if the income tax were repealed so that productive people would not be discouraged from having more children and welfare ended so that "welfare mothers" would not be encouraged to have more children.
My second area of contention, which is more of a question than a concrete disagreement, concerns species extinction. Hasn't this always been taking place? If the theory of evolution is anywhere near correct (I don't have time to debate it now), isn't species extinction a natural process? Regarding its current level, couldn't the enemy media be distorting this issue, just as they created the global warming hoax and other lies to enslave the American people? If it is actually occurring, it seems to me that establishing private property in herds or whatever would be the best way to alleviate that problem.
Finally I would prioritize preventing one-world government at least to #3 if not higher. We may someday liberate Washington, DC, but worldwide we are outnumbered at least 20 to one.

Bob Barr for president. Vote Libertarian.
For Life and Liberty,
David Macko