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Let's pretend we are not autistic and act like people who can actually do something, along the lines of the grass-roots formation of broad networks, to vindicate our liberty.

You seem to be a sensible guy in the Big Apple. And there are some sensible folks here in the City By The Bay.

As bizarre as it may seem, we're it, for who can do something in a combined urban population of 20,000,000....that is if we will.

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"Just about impossible" and yet Republicans get candidates on the ballot in New York City every year, using enrolled Republicans as petitioners.

The problem is finding enough Registered Republicans to carry petitions to get somebody on the ballot. It is hard enough to find anybody willing to do this job. Finding sufficient Republicans in New York is just about impossible.

The problem is the "Subscribing Witness Rule" in New York which says that when petitioning for a Republican candidate, the person who carries the petition must be a registered Republican too. The rule is ridiculous. It is like saying that anybody petitioning for Gay Rights must be gay too. I have cases in the United States District Court and the United States Court of Appeals trying to overturn this rule. Sloan vs. Szalkiewicz, Caruso and Board of Elections in the City of New York, 13 CIV 6104 and 13-3328 If these court cases fail I will have to find some other way to collect signatures.

Sam Sloan

There are plenty of registered Republicans in NYC. Do you know anyone on the central committee?

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If I run her as a Democrat the subscribing witness rule will not be a problem as almost all registered voters in New York City are registered Democrats.

The problem is registering Republicans as registered Republicans in New York City are as rare as chicken's teeth, I think is the right expression. Had I known about the subscribing witness rule I could have just had all my witnesses change their registrations to Republican.
I do not think there is a waiting period on the subscribing witness rule such as you have to wait an election period before the registration for the purpose of being a witness takes effect.

Sam Sloan

A person can run for congress in any district in her state of residence. If you run Lewinsky in a Democrat primary in New York, choose a congressional district where you can most easily satisfy the signature requirement of 5% of the enrolled Democrats or 1,250, whichever is less. The signatories have to be enrolled Democrats, and of course, as Sam knows all too well, the witnesses must be enrolled Democrats or Notaries or, in New York City, Commissioners of Deeds.

I've noticed a gap in math skills...

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Gary, if you're looking for "silliness" in this communiqué, you've entirely overlooked the immense possibilities of the phrase, "She probably would have been elected."

Joseph Dobrian
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