[lpny_kings] Re: [lpny_free-speech] Appeal Brief filed today in Sloan vs. Hearst Media Company First Circuit Court of Appeals

Valid question.

As you will notice I filed this in court before the Democratic National
Convention starting Monday. In the admittedly unlikely event the court
rules in my favor before Monday morning I could start running my TV ads in
Philadelphia on Monday. This will no doubt cause a stampede of delegates in
my favor who would drop Hillary as a candidate and nominate me instead.
Note that throughout the Republican National Convention just concluded
Hillary Clinton was running her campaign ads on TV during the breaks.
More realistically, Hillary has had a pre-cancer scare. It is a real
possibility that she will be unable to run. They may try to substitute Joe
Biden but nobody seems to want him and definitely nobody wants Bernie
Sanders. So the nomination will be wide-open and I might be able to make a
serious run.
At least I can beat them all simultaneously blindfolded at chess. Who else
among the candidates can do that?
Sam Sloan