[lpny_kings] Conspiracy theory or comic relief?

I think the woman fainting during the Obamacare speech was probably staged.
The man with the red tie and the two men wearing identical blue ties
standing behind Obama are obviously Secret Service Agents. Why is this
woman standing so close to Obama while he is giving a speech? Why does he
turn to look at her in the middle of speaking and why does she just then
become wobbly so he can catch her? Why does Obama catch her even though he
is in front of her when three men behind or beside her could more easily
have caught her. Can just anybody walk on stage and be standing immediately
behind the president while he is speaking?

I think Obama himself would stage something like this. Why? Here's why.


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Thank you Alton for all these links.

Turns out that women have fainted 13 times while Obama has been giving an
Obamacare speech. Each time this happens, Obama says the same thing
"somebody has fainted over there. She'll be alright." "give her a bottle of
water", "give her some space". How does he know that she has fainted? How
does he know that she will be alright? Perhaps she is dead? If somebody
fell down at my feet while I was speaking, I would certainly not say "Don't
worry, she'll be alright. Give her some space or a bottle of water."
Actually somebody did once fall down in my presence. At the 2010 World
Chess Olympiad and FIDE Congress in Khanty-Mansiysk, Siberia, Russia, the
delegate from Germany was standing right next to me when he collapsed and
fell on the floor. Nobody said, "He'll be alright. Bring him a bottle of
water." We were all afraid that he was going to die. Instead, medics came,
he was put on a stretcher and medivacked back to Germany. Apparently he is
still alive. Here are video clips showing 13 times when women fainted while
Obama was speaking and when Obama said much the same thing each time.

Check out: http://clashdaily.com/.../phony-fainter-conspiracy.../<http://clashdaily.com/2013/10/phony-fainter-conspiracy-theorist-contends-obamas-fainting-lady-faked/>

What impresses me is in almost every case a woman is standing in the crowd
somewhat near the front of the crowd and when she falls down Obama says
"Somebody has fainted. She'll be alright. Give her a bottle of water." This
is not a natural reaction. She might have had a heart attack or a seizure.
She might be dead. How does Obama automatically know that she has fainted
and just needs a bottle of water? How many people carry bottles of water to
Obama speeches?

You can see from the wider view of some of these video clips that there are
four men standing behind Obama. Three are wearing identical blue ties and
one man is wearing a red tie. The men with blue ties are obviously secret
service agents. The man with the red tie is at the right place to catch the
woman when she falls. The woman to her right looks like an American Indian.
She has her arm around the woman who falls. They exchange glances and the
Indian woman gives her a nudge when Obama says the key phrase. It is being
said that the American Indian woman is her friend but that it obviously not
the case because if she were her friend she would have left with her when
she was taken away. Instead the American woman stayed to listen to the rest
of Obama' Speech.

Sam Sloan