[LPNY DISCUSS] Re: [ManhattanLibertarians] Re: [lpny_manhattan] Tonight's Libertarian Convention Will Prove a Travesty

You seem to be seriously suggesting that we circulate petitions with
Lhota's name on it even though he has declined our nomination. I think this
could even lead to charges against us. We might have to share a prison cell
with Dan Halloran.

After the conclusion of the convention last night I pointed out that the
nomination by the Libertarian Party is worthless unless the Libertarian
minions are willing to carry petitions for and campaign for the candidate.

In response those few left said that they assume that the Lhota Republican
people will carry the petitions for Libertarian Party candidate Lhota so
that the real Libertarians would not have to be involved, much as Dan
Halloran had his people carry the petitions to get Halloran on the ballot.

Now that Lhota has refused our nomination (again just as I predicted) who
is going to carry the petitions to get him on the ballot? Surely not us!

Sam Sloan