LPCA Backs Domestic Partnership Initiative

Rob et. al.,

I'm in favor of endorsing the prop to repeal prop 8 and I don't see why we couldn't get people to vote for both... my whole reasoning for supporting the endorsement of the DPI is because I felt if the right-wing didnt want gays to marry neither should they have those rights, and they should pay the taxes they force gay couples to pay

how any pro-8 people could support DPI is beyond me but obviously not Rob

my beef now is this Rob:

I actually thought about motioning to review our decision and maybe vote again but I have 2 problems with that now Rob,

first ..... YOU QUIT!!!! So if I DID move to do anything, you can't help me anymore with a "second" and then if we did revote we DONT HAVE YOUR VOTE anymore either....

but with all the name callilng and ridiculing of me and my other fellow Ex Comm members, why would anyone want to help you now.... you have a lot to learn in the political game Rob, I had to learn it the hard way too back in the early part of this decade in Michigan:

if you piss on someone, don't expect them to offer you a towel when someone pisses on you ....

Good luck changing the leadership in Visalia, this leadership has led us to a great many victories at the local level the past few years, they have helped build up some strong counties, we have had many new members join and register and many more flood the inbox with information requests, they have found many elected officials we didnt know we had, got new county affiliates started or brought back to life, they are leading the charge in getting some great people on board to run for office next year at the state and fed levels too AND they are getting great fund raisers happening, improving our financial status quite a bit since the Starr-Keaton regime, and I know many county chairs and vice chairs who really like the current leadership. Also, in this time, I think the marriage fight is taking away from the number one issue on pretty much every one else's mind, the Economy !!!! Our party has never had an opportunity to appeal to so many people (not just
in Cali but nationwide) as it does here and now. I think that is what Phil was hinting at in a previous email.

Rob, I know how much this issue affects you and I feel for you. But I
feel if we endorse the repeal of prop 8 and focus on the economic
issues, the cards will fall where they may as it comes to marriage equality. I really do think it's a
long shot for DPI to pass, I just didnt get around to writing my
Divorce Ban initiative in time so I thought this initiative was the best "slap
in the face" to the "marriage is sacred" right wing BSers out there, my
whole idea was hey if it's so sacred then never will you divorce, but I
think stripping their "right" to marry and save on taxes going away if
gays can't have it is better than nothing... I'm sorry if you disagree.

-TJ Campbell

Wow. The LPC only defends the individual rights of minority groups if
they get some quid pro quo in return. Okay, good to know, TJ. Thanks
for admitting that.

But, to be clear, I didn't say anything bad about those ExCom members
who didn't vote for the DPI endorsement, namely Donna Orlando, Jesse
Thomas, or Beau Cain.

But the rest of you -- yeah -- y'all suck.

My husband Kai has never been a Libertarian, but he tolerated
Libertarians and even got Kevin that speaking gig at Harvard and offered
to let Kevin stay in his apartment in Boston. But now, all of you who
voted to endorse the DPI really ought to stay out of arm's reach of
him. He never signed the non-initiation-of-force pledge, and after the
way you all screwed us with that vote...

Seriously, you don't want to be within arm's reach of him. For that
matter, you should probably stay out of arm's reach of any gays or
lesbians (except the self-loathing ones who introduce their spouse to
others as "my friend"), just in case they find out that you voted to
endorse this initiative that has the sole purpose of drawing away votes
from the initiative to repeal Prop 8. That was just plain spiteful, and
we'll not soon forget it.


P.S. Why are you on this LPSF Activists list?

Tim Campbell wrote: