LPCA Backs Domestic Partnership Initiative

I don't believe Brian is on the LPSF-activist list, so I'm forwarding his response to the email I copied to members of the Libertarian Party of California's executive committee. Brian neglected to include my email, or Rob's message it was referencing, in his response, so I've appended those below.

  I'm still wondering whether the LPC ExCom has backed the measure to repeal Prop. 8, and whether they will do so and put out a press release as they did for the DPI.

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Of course not, and of course they won't. They didn't even put out an
email to Libertarians, much less a public press release, when Prop 8 was
on the ballot. Remember that? When we had the vote to use the LPC's
Constant Contact list to ask Libertarians to vote No on 8, and the
motion failed? That's the current LPC ExCom for you. Unless you and
other San Franciscans show up in Visalia for the state convention and
vote for an entirely new leadership for the state party, this same
Republican-lite nonsense will just keep happening.


Starchild wrote:

Starchild wrote:

It doesn’t seem to me that removing the word “marriage” from the government lexicon and enabling anyone to register as a “domestic partner” without changing anything else

DPI does do something else – it repeals Prop 8.

It seems more likely to cement the current role of government by making that role once again non-controversial.

Contract enforcement is supposed to be non-controversial. I don’t at all agree that renaming the religio-culturally freighted word “marriage” with the contract-like term “domestic partnership” would not be a first step toward reducing government marriage regulation to just contract enforcement.

It seems unwise to bet on government avoiding an opportunity to bring in new revenue.

Then why aren’t tax rates 99%? It seems even more unwise to claim that the current tax structure is revenue-maximizing. Do you claim we are at the peak of the Laffer Curve? The notion that government will use any excuse to take all our money is glibness taken to the point of silliness. I can’t take seriously any political observer who says the Obama/Pelosi regime would allow all married Californians to lose their federal tax advantage.

This might not be done in such a flagrant way as to be automatically overturned.

I said nothing about “automatic”. I would love DOMA vs. Californians to be a bloody messy legislative battle instead of a clean bureaucratic/judicial ruling.

I’m not sure whether or not the Domestic Partnership Initiative was designed to derail an outright repeal of Proposition 8. But it appears it could have that effect if it makes it on the ballot

I just don’t see that at all.