[LPC -XComm] Office Upgrade - New Motion


  In a word, money. The proposed new office would already cost a bit more than we're paying now. Paying that rent on top of the rent for the existing office would be a significant increase in expenses. Where the funding would come from is unclear. Any suggestions on that? Nor is it clear to me that we currently have a level of activity/use to justify a second office. Gail Lightfoot questions whether we presently need even one paid brick and mortar space. To the extent we maximize its utility (did you get a chance to look at the LP Office Manifesto document I sent?) paying for such a space seems highly worthwhile to me; to the extent we fail to do so, I can see the possible validity of arguments that it may not be. Aside from possibly greater proximity to greater numbers of activists, can you identify any particular arguments for maintaining the L.A. location?

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