[LPC -XComm] Office Upgrade - New Motion


  I haven't voted on this motion yet and am not sure how I will vote, but I don't find your argument below against the move persuasive. The point of moving the LPC office to Sacramento would not be to "beg for scraps" or in any way capitulate to government authorities, but rather to get physically closer to where government operates at the state level in order to more effectively oppose politics as usual -- to lobby *against* spending and government power increases, hold rallies and demonstrations at the state capitol, network with ally organizations based near the capitol, etc.

  That being said, I do have concerns about the small size of the office, access to the office, etc. I believe we ought to be seeking to move closer to the model of an office, or brick-and-mortar space, suggested by the questions posed in my LP Office Manifesto document (copied and attached below). I've asked Flavio to take a look at this document and respond with a message outlining how the each of the points raised would be addressed or affected by the move, and he told me he would.

  As always, I value your input and am open to hearing any additional thoughts you or others may have on this or any other LPC matters. Thank you for taking the time to weigh in.

Love & Liberty,
                                              ((( starchild )))
At-Large Representative, Libertarian Party of California Executive Committee

The Ideal Libertarian “Brick & Mortar” Space

When Libertarian Party or other pro-freedom groups reach a certain size and have a certain amount of money at their disposal, talk inevitably turns to procuring some kind of office. The national Libertarian Party has an office, as does the California LP (circa 2011).
Unfortunately, our party is not getting as much benefit from these and other similar spaces as it could. Indeed, the term “office” itself may be part of the problem, in that it can prevent people from thinking outside the box when it comes to the potential of brick-and-mortar spaces!

Here are some questions to ask about a proposed -- or existing -- brick-and-mortar location, roughly in order of importance. The more questions you can answer with a “Yes”, the more of an asset the space is likely to be to the LP and to the libertarian cause!

noon8window.pdf (36 Bytes)