[LPC -XComm] Convention Proposal Version 3

It's difficult to make a wise decision about convention pricing without having ready access to past data. This is a good example of why we should be seeking to build institutional knowledge in this area and create an accessible record of our past convention financials and other details.

  For meal/speaker/VIP packages, the right rates are those which will maximize both contributions and attendance. If we set prices too high, we will deter attendance and bring in less money, but if we set prices too low we could bring in less money than we might have otherwise.

  Not having data at hand, I don't really have any strong opinion on the package prices. I would urge dropping "founder" as the name of a package, however, as this could be misleading. A "founder" sounds like someone who was involved in founding the Libertarian Party or something.

  I do think we should have at least *some* speakers that are free -- and some events outside at the capitol, to take advantage of having a bunch of Libertarians together in one place at one time and get some public visibility and exposure for our message, beyond preaching to the choir. We can and should pass the hat at our public events however. I am willing to volunteer to help with fundraising in that capacity.

  Finally and most importantly, people who want to attend ONLY the business sessions should not be charged for speakers. The only basic packages I see listed in this latest proposal combine the two categories. As previously discussed, delegates should NEVER be charged to attend the business sessions. And I'm really not keen on charging non-delegates to attend these sessions either. For one thing, it's difficult to enforce because people are going in and out of the main hall all the time. More fundamentally, it just doesn't seem like the kind of thing it ought to cost money to attend, or that people would want to pay money to attend. Executive Committee meetings are always free and open to the public (except during secret session, when no one not on the ExCom can attend without permission), and delegate sessions which likewise involve doing the business of the party should likewise be free and open.

Love & Liberty,
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At-Large Representative, Libertarian Party of California

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noon8window.pdf (36 Bytes)