[LPC_writers_bureau] Ron Paul endorses Chuck Baldwin

Dear Ron,

Ron Paul's statement says little to me explaining why he supports the CP candidate.

The CP platform has some very oppressive planks.

Best, Michael

Both Chuck Baldwin and Ron Paul are small government conservatives. The
endorsement does not surprise me, except for the deliciously ironical
note that the Barr campaign’s snit pushed him to not remain neutral.

Many of the Paulistas I know out here in NH are planning to vote for
Baldwin, if they aren’t going to write in Paul, on the grounds that
“he’s not that bad.” Apparently, they feel that Barr *is* that bad,
which confuses me, but I suspect it’s because (as someone posted to one
of the local lists) Baldwin favors abolition of federal income taxes,
rather than their replacement by alternative taxes.

I will be voting for the Libertarian Party candidate, not for the person
whom that happens to be (which is actually still up in the air a bit in
New Hampshire).