[LPC_writers_bureau] Bob Barr disses Ron Paul

Dear Rich;

How ya doin'? Long time no hear.

Otherwise the whole Ron PAul Bob Barr Ralph Nader thang is nuttin' more than a tempest in a teapot. Now let's get back to building a Libertarian Party from the bottom up - one new Libertarian by one new Libertarian by one new Libertarian.

You have to have a solid base to build a house on frame by frame by frame of all economic classes from all backgrounds and races and religions and sexes and so on.

The message: Food shelter clothing or as FDR so infamously put it: the ill-fed the ill-clothed and the ill-housed - of course he had a lot to do with that happening.

But the message should be to get around those " ills " you just need to let people keep what they earn and not forcibly take it away in income and payroll taxes.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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