[LPC_writers_bureau] Bob Barr disses Ron Paul

I don't think this was handled well by anyone, Barr and Paul and most of their staff, included. However, before jumping to conclusions, you should read Russ Verney's explanation of the events.


Then, you should put this into perspective and get back to growing the party. All this "inside baseball" is not moving us forward. Let's put our efforts where they count.



  If Bob Barr had offered Ron Paul the *presidential* slot (his own) instead of the *vice-presidential* spot (Root's), that "principled leadership" spin from Verney would ring a lot truer -- although even then, the offer was not his to make, but the party's. Paul has way more support than Barr, and could have had easily had the LP's nomination if he'd run for it. To offer him VP on top of not attending his alternative party unity press conference was kind of insulting. As well as just politically stupid, and contrary to the interests of freedom in seeing a cooperative effort between the LP and other alternative parties to break the two-party cartel's grip on ballot access, the presidential debates, and the political system in general.

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