[LPC ExeCom] - Alternative Resolution ver 2

Forwarding text of resolution to be considered at LPCA Excom. Please
note this is not the same text passed by LPSF at its last meeting;
thus Allen Hacker's explanation for making the changes.


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I appreciate the discussion this has received so far. I want to
comment on a couple of points regarding the discussion so far, and
then I'll offer a final revision and substitute motion.

The resolution was proposed for discussion on the 11th and then
Moved for adoption on the 12th after minor revision. That's when
more serious discussion began.

  There were two factions in the discussion: those who opposed
parts of the resolution, and those who either did not comment on it
or expressed support for considering it but also did not comment on
any specifics. Therefore, I take it that while those who opposed
portions and said so did contribute to the development of the
resolution, those who did not comment either found nothing in it to
be particularly precious, or are quite willing to let the text meet
its fate whenever it does come to a formal vote.

The seconds we have seen so far have not been to my motion. They
are seconds to Lawrence Samuel's motion to place it on the agenda
for August's ExComm meeting. I scanned through my copies of emails
and found these:

  Put me down for endorsing Allen Hacker's resolution below, and I
move to put it on the Aug. 20 LPC Excom. meeting agenda.
--Lawrence Samuels 7-12-05

  I will second that this be considered at our August 20 meeting.
However, I disagree with some parts of it. (Ted Brown, 7/12/05)

  I second it as well. (Mark Selzer 7/12/05)

I don't see the two additional needed to bring it to the meeting
agenda. And I don't see any seconds to my own motion to pass the


The biggest problem in the discussion is National's exit
strategy. It has the entire LP in an uproar, not just a few local
members. I see no end in sight on that, so I've decided to withdraw
all comment regarding it. I wanted to commend National for finally
doing something, and there's some good in it, but it has been amply
shown that there's just too much either-or thinking in this mess to
ever be able to say something intelligent with a distinction.

Bottom line is, anarchy only allows the lowest common
denominator. That's why we fail, and that's why we never say
anything astute. But I'm not going to allow that sad fact to
inhibit us from at least saying the minimum.

Since the expressed support so far has been for placing the
resolution on the Aug 20th agenda, I modify my motion to accept
Lawrence's motion to place it thusly, and I yield to the spirit of
certain objections, hereby resubmitting and moving as follows
below. I ask that all seconds be re-submitted as well, for the sake
of clarity.

- - -

Allen Hacker hereby moves that the following Resolution be placed on
the August 20, 2005 LPC ExComm agenda, for discussion and final vote:

A Resolution
by the Libertarian Party of California Executive Committee
Affirming the National Libertarian Party
Principles and Platform Concerning Foreign Intervention
and the Invasion of Iraq:

Whereas, the National Libertarian Party Platform's Preamble states
in part, "As Libertarians, we seek a world of liberty; a world in
which all individuals are sovereign over their own lives, and no one
is forced to sacrifice his or her values for the benefit of others";

Whereas, the National Libertarian Party Platform's Statement of
Principles states in part, "...we support the prohibition of the
initiation of physical force against others....";

Whereas, the National Libertarian Party Platform at Part IV.D.2.
(Foreign Affairs / International Relations / Foreign Intervention),
states in part, "The United States should not inject itself into the
internal matters of other nations, unless they have declared war
upon or attacked the United States, or the U.S. is already in a
constitutionally declared war with them," and, "End the current U.S.
government policy of foreign intervention, including military and
economic aid, guarantees, and diplomatic meddling";

Whereas the admittedly (by the President and Vice-president)
pre-emptive ("before the fact") invasion of the sovereign nation of
Iraq by the United States was accomplished in blatant disregard for
American constitutional requirements and international law under
treaties to which the United States is a signatory, and upon an
apparently false basis of manipulated information and manufactured


Whereas the continuing military occupation of Iraq is precipitating
a deplorable loss of civilian and American lives, is exacerbating
American deficit spending, and appears to be aggravating the
terrorist threat worldwide; and

Whereas under its own Bylaws and the Bylaws of the National
Libertarian Party the Libertarian Party of California is bound to
proclaim the National Libertarian Party's Statement of Principles
and, by extension, its platform;

Now, therefore,

Be it Resolved, that the Libertarian Party of California Executive
Committee hereby affirms the National Libertarian Party's Preamble,
Statement of Principles and Platform, in particular for this case
those portions cited herein; and

Be it Further Resolved, that the Libertarian Party of California
Executive Committee finds, upon no tangible proof having been shown
of Iraqi participation in the World Trade Center, etc. (9/11)
attack, that the invasion of Iraq appears unwarranted; and

Be it Further Resolved, that the Libertarian Party of California
Executive Committee finds that the continuing occupation of Iraq is
inimical to the interests of the citizens of the United States as
well as to the interests of the citizens of Iraq; and

Be it Further Resolved, that the United States government's declared
purpose of "bringing democracy to Iraq" is an offensive imposition
of the values of some of our citizens over a foreign sovereign

people; and

Be it Further Resolved, that the Libertarian Party of California
Executive Committee formally petitions that the National Libertarian
Party remain constant and adamant in demanding that the United
States government cease and desist from all foreign economic and
military intervention and correct its international policies so that
it may at last begin to facilitate world peace through the naturally
benevolent function of the Free Market.



Allen Hacker

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Allen Hacker
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