[LPC County Officers] Discounted (or subsidized) memberships for younger libertarians

I'll bet current practice is that pretty much anyone who shows up to
most county meetings can speak, which makes a lot of sense given the
size of most groups and the fact that they want people to come to
meetings (and possibly become members). The LPC should not be telling
county parties who they may and may not allow to speak at local
meetings, period.

For liberty,
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On Friday, September 23, 2005, at 09:37 AM, M Carling wrote:

> That's a good question. It's something that we've been thinking
> about since the LNC voted to end UMP.
> The LPC Bylaws provide for Associate Membership. Per the bylaws,
> Associate Members do not have voting rights. Other than that, the
> LPC Executive Committee can define the dues and benefits associated
> with Associate Membership.
> I've been working on a proposal for the November ExCom meeting to
> establish lower dues ($10 or $20 per year) for Associate Members.
> Per a recent change to the Bylaws, that would be split 60/40 with the
> county parties like dues for regular membership. I'm planning to
> propose that a valid email address be a condition of Associate
> Membership and that California Freedom (which currently costs $10/
> year per person) would be sent only electronically (no paper version
> at that price).
> I've also been considering proposing a Bylaws change that would
> permit county parties, if they so chose, to make provision in their
> own bylaws that Associate Members could have debating rights within
> the county party. In other words, county parties could choose to let
> Associate Members speak in favor or against a motion but not vote on
> it. (The status quo is that unanimous consent of the body would be
> required to let an Associate Member speak.)
> This has been on the back burner because our next meeting is still
> eight weeks away and we have been deluged with pressing business.
> However, since Roberto Liebman has raised the question, I would
> appreciate any feedback on the idea.
> M Carling
> Chairman, LPC Member Acquisition Cmte
> Chairman, LPC Bylaws Cmte
> On Sep 23, 2005, at 8:33, Daniel Wiener wrote:
>> I'm forwarding Roberto's email below.
>> Daniel Wiener
>> CA_Secretary@LibertarianParty.info
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>> From: "Roberto Leibman" <roberto@leibman.net>
>> To: <countyofficers@ca.lp.org>; "Michael Murphy"
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>> Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2005 3:51 PM
>> Subject: Discounted (or subsidized) memberships for younger
>> libertarians
>>> Guys,
>>> I'm wondering if there's any legal or other ramifications to the
>>> following...
>>> We are recruiting tons of high school (mostly senior) students
>>> through our
>>> outreach programs. Students are notoriously low on cash but also
>>> notoriously high on energy, commitment, passion and time.
>>> Has the LPC considered having a discounted membership price for that
>>> particular age group? What we loose in revenues we win in
>>> volunteerism,
>>> good will and on the long run these same students are more likely
>>> to stay
>>> with the party as members. The disadvantage to the local
>>> organizations is
>>> that these kids are not likely to remain in our county if they go to
>>> college, but it's obviously a good thing for the LP as a whole.
>>> If "youth" memberships aren't on the table any time soon, do you
>>> know if
>>> there's any problem with the county party subsidizing their
>>> membership? We
>>> have some extra cash (not much, but enough that a few memberships
>>> won't
>>> affect us), and if we only have to give our 40% (or I'm confused,
>>> is it
>>> 60%?) to the LPC these might be awsome recruiting tools.
>>> Roberto Leibman
>>> Chair, Placer County Libertarian Party
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