LPC candidate spotted on Fox News Channel

A coworker today confirmed the earlier report from Nebraska that the Fox
News Channel did a roughly two-minute segment Monday evening about my $2 bet
with the voters. Apparently it was based on my interview last week on the
Bay Area Fox affiliate. (I've uploaded a 14Mb movie of it at
http://holtz.org/Library/MarketLiberal/.) It also reportedly included the
photo that went out with my press release (of me holding up a fan of $2
bills): http://marketliberal.org/Announcement20040503.html. I'm looking into
ordering a tape of the show.

(Nobody has yet submitted a $2 claim, but of course that's because
Libertarianism is too compelling for them to make the required promise to
vote against us.)

Brian Holtz
LP candidate for Congress, CD14 (Silicon Valley)