LP "What's In The Box?!" email missing the most important box

Just received an email yesterday from the national LP (below) that I’m guessing went out to all members who receive the party’s mass-audience emails. The following is intended as constructive criticism and important feedback to staff and members of the LNC on the 4-box graphic it included, and food for thought for all on the larger issues of how we communicate to and about Libertarian candidates/campaigns, and what the party is about.

I believe there should be five boxes in the graphic below, not four. After the “More Elected Libertarians!” (preferably minus the exclamation point) box, we need a box labeled “More Freedom!”

Freedom, after all, is our goal. Not electing people just for the sake of having more members of our party in office, as if that in and of itself solved everything. Just like the other steps in the sequence outlined in the email – “More Affiliates” leading to “More Members”, “More Members” to “More Candidates”, “More Candidates” to “More Elected Libertarians” – “More Elected Libertarians” leading to “More Freedom!” is not automatic. Hard work and vigilance are required. Hard work by officeholders and their staff and supporters, and vigilance by LP members and the party as an organization to help keep those officeholders on track fighting for freedom.

Our job isn’t finished with regard to a particular public office once we manage to fill it. In some ways, it means the hardest part of the struggle has just begun! Because that’s when our newly elected Libertarians have to deal with the strongest pressures from statist colleagues to get with their program, the strongest temptations to sell out or downplay libertarian principles for money and votes, or meekly and passively accept the statist quo. And we collectively in the Libertarian Party and the freedom movement must do our part to ensure they don’t fall prey to any of that.

We don’t just want people in public office with “L’s” next to their names – we want active libertarians in public office who will stand up to these pressures and temptations and stick their necks out, spend their political capital, risk their political careers, etc., to advance the cause of freedom because lives and the future hang in the balance!

I sincerely hope we’re all on the same page about this – yes LNC members and staffers? If you disagree, let us know.

Since this is a big and important “ask”, I trust you’ll also agree it is best communicated to and understood by prospective Libertarian officeholders well before they ever hold office. When recruiting and supporting Libertarians running for office, we as the party and as individuals must let our candidates know that:

(1) When in office they deserve and will get our support if they act and vote libertarian; and
(2) For those who don’t, we will withdraw our support from them and hold them accountable.

This will help ensure that our members, and our perspective members, know that the Libertarian Party has not lost sight of its purpose or become an organization like the establishment parties, focused only on expanding their own power/influence/wealth by building large numbers of officeholders, donors, etc.

Freedom and non-aggression must always be front and center, or we’ve lost our way.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))
Chair, Libertarian Party of San Francisco*
2020 Libertarian Candidate for California State Assembly
(415) 625-FREE

*The views expressed here are my own.

P.S. – The “box” referred to in the title of the LP’s email message is not the same box I’m talking about above; hopefully that won’t confuse anyone.

P.P.S. – I request my representative or alternate forward this to the LNC public email list on my behalf as I can’t post there directly, or if for any reason that does not happen, that anyone else able to post to the list please do so.


Begin forwarded message:

From: “The Libertarian Party” info3@lp.org
Date: March 16, 2021 7:33:34 AM PDT
Subject: What’s In The Box?!
Reply-To: The Libertarian Party info3@lp.org

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