LP Meetings in SF Neighborhood Newspapers

Last meeting, I committed to getting the monthly LP meetings in
local SF community calendars. Time got away from me and I haven't
had a chance to get on this until now.

So, to jump start, can people send me the names of neighborhood
papers they'd like to see our meetings listed in?

One's I'm working on already:

SF Guardian (http://www.sfbg.com/38/35/x_list_events.html)
BayInsider (http://www.ktvu.com/events/index.html)
Potrero Hill Neighborhood Local Paper



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Last meeting, I committed to getting the monthly LP meetings in
local SF community calendars. Time got away from me and I haven't
had a chance to get on this until now.

SF Guardian (http://www.sfbg.com/38/35/x_list_events.html)
BayInsider (http://www.ktvu.com/events/index.html)
Potrero Hill Neighborhood Local Paper

Thanks, Mark.

Try also SF Weekly and the Independent.

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I don't know what follow-up there may have been on this, as I haven't yet read all my accumulated email and I missed Saturday's meeting (just got back yesterday afternoon). But here's my updated list of local media outlets with brief descriptions:

Alice (music radio, 97.3 FM)
Asian Week (English language ethnic weekly, www.AsianWeek.com)
Bay Area Reporter (B.A.R.) (LGBTQ weekly paper)
El Bohemio (Spanish language paper)
Castro Star (neighborhood paper)
ChronWatch (conservative, online only, www.chronwatch.com)
Clear Channel Communications (corporate owner of several local radio stations)
Comcast (local cable TV monopoly franchise)
Craigslist (online only, www.craigslist.org/post/E/eve/sfc)
The Guardsman (City College student paper)
The Independent (general bi-weekly paper)
IndyBay (affiliate of leftist IndyMedia.org, online only, www.indybay.org/calendar/event_display_add.php)
Joefire (online only, www.joefire.com)
KCBS (talk radio, 740 AM, http://kcbs.yellowbrix.com/pages/kcbs/home/home_index.nsp?)
KFRC (music radio, 610 AM)
KGO (talk radio, 810 AM, www.kgoam810.com)
KGO (TV, ABC affiliate, Channel 7, http://abclocal.go.com/kgo)
KICU (TV, Channel 36)
KMEL (music radio, 106.1 FM)
KNTV (TV, NBC affiliate, Channel 11)
KPFA (leftist community radio station based in Berkeley)
KPIX (TV, CBS affiliate, Channel 5, http://cbs5.com/)
KQED (TV, PBS affiliate, Channel 9)
KQED (National Public Radio, 88.5 FM)
KRON (TV, Channel 4)
KSFO (conservative talk radio, 560 AM, www.ksfo.com)
KSFS (SF State student radio station)
KTVU (TV, Fox affiliate, Channel 2, www.ktvu.com/index.html)
KUSF (University of San Francisco student radio station)
Laughing Squid (underground community listings, www.laughingsquid.org/squidlist/faq.html)
Live 105 (music radio, 105.3 FM)
El Mensajero (Spanish/English paper)
Frontiers (LGBTQ weekly newsmagazine)
MisterSF (online only, www.mistersf.com)
New Mission News (leftist neighborhood paper)
Noe Valley Voice (neighborhood paper, www.noevalleyvoice.com)
North Beach News (?) (neighborhood paper)
Odyssey Magazine (LGBTQ weekly entertainment magazine)
The Recorder (legal paper)
Richmond Review (neighborhood paper)
San Francisco Bay Times (LGBTQ weekly paper)
San Francisco Bay View (leftist neighborhood/black ethnic paper, www.sfbayview.com)
San Francisco Call (online only, www.sfcall.com)
San Francisco Chronicle (general daily paper)
San Francisco Downtown (general magazine, www.sfdowntown.com)
San Francisco Examiner (general daily paper)
San Francisco Herald (conservative monthly paper)
San Francisco Liberation Radio (leftist pirate radio station, currently shut down by FCC)
San Francisco Magazine (general magazine, www.sanfran.com)
San Francisco Observer (Haight/Western Addition/Castro neighborhood paper)
San Francisco Sentinel (online only, www.sanfranciscosentinel.com)
San Jose Mercury News (general daily paper)
SF Bay Guardian (leftist weekly, www.sfbg.com/AandE/submit.html)
SF Bulldog (online only, www.sfbulldog.com)
SF Frontlines (leftist, online only, www.sf-frontlines.com)
SF Weekly (general weekly)
SF Business Times (weekly?, www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/index.html)
SF Gate (online affiliate of SF Chronicle, sfgate.com)
J. (Jewish news weekly, www.jewishsf.com)
SF Polifix (online only, www.sfpolifix.com, obsolete?)
SF Usual Suspects (online only, www.sfusualsuspects.com)
SFCTC (community TV, Channel 29)
SFGTV (government TV, Channel 26)
Spectrum (LGBTQ monthly?)
Sun Reporter (black ethnic paper, www.sunreporter.com)
Sunset Beacon (neighborhood paper, www.sunsetbeacon.com)
Viewpoint (Russian language paper)
[X] Press (SF State student paper)

  I don't have contact info for all of these, and many probably do not have community calendar type listings that the LPSF could use. Those which do have community calendars that I think could be good bets for listing LPSF meetings are Craigslist (online), SF Weekly, and the Independent. Also the Richmond Review might publish a listing just because our meetings happen in the Richmond district. I believe the Chronicle and Examiner also have suitable community calendar listings though perhaps not on a daily basis. And what the Chronicle won't publish in print, SFGate might still publish online. I suspect that the SF community and government TV stations might have calendars.

  Some other outlets, such as Laughing Squid, the Bay Times, B.A.R., and some of the neighborhood papers might be good for other specific LPSF functions other than meetings, depending on the nature of the particular event we're trying to promote.

Yours in liberty,
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