LP Chair Bill Redpath to be guest on Steve Kubby's radio show (Monday May 12, 6pm)

One question it might be worth asking Bill is how he feels about Bob Barr's "Leadership Fund" PAC giving $1000 to his Republican opponent for the U.S. Senate race in Virginia (see http://lastfreevoice.wordpress.com/author/elfninosmom/ ).

Details from the link below:

Bill Redpath on Steve Kubby Show, this Monday May 12
LP National Chair Bill Redpath will be live on the air, Monday May 12 at 9 pm Eastern (6 PM Pacific time) on the Steve Kubby radio show.


The show is on at 9 PM Eastern and the call-in number is 646-378-1107.

Likely topic of discussion: changes at the LP HQ.

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