Local recent press for LPSF

Besides the five arguments we have in the Voters Handbook for the June 5 election (we are the official opponent on Propositions A, C, and G, and have paid arguments published against Propositions E and H), here are the links to some recent LPSF visibility and press coverage I mentioned at our meeting Saturday.

  Here is the link to the Examiner story about Proposition G in which LPSF secretary Aubrey Freedman and I are quoted by reporter Laura Waxman, who interviewed us by phone while we were at the state convention:


  And here's a link to the interview I did last week on KPOO radio, making the case against Propositions A, C, and G:


  Finally, here's the League of Women Voters video of me debating a proponent of Proposition E (a measure proposing to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products in SF):


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Great job!

Michael Denny
Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Thanks Starchild and Aubrey for doing media. I will post the links to Facebook.