LNC Meeting Report, November 13-14, 2004, Arlington VA (by Sean Haugh)

It looks like the situation with the Raiser's Edge user licenses isn't
as bad as I thought it might be -- from Geoff Neale's explanation
below, I gather that the LP only needs as many licenses as there will
be people using the software at any particular instant.

Yours in liberty,
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From: "OpMgr" <opmgr@badnarik.org>
Date: Mon Nov 22, 2004 7:54:32 PM US/Pacific
To: "'Sean Haugh'" <seanhaugh@mindspring.com>, "'Starchild'"
Cc: "'Joe Seehusen'" <joe.seehusen@hq.lp.org>
Subject: RE: LNC Meeting Report, November 13-14, 2004, Arlington VA
(by Sean Haugh)

You are correct - the licenses are for concurrent users.

Given that staff will use the product during the day, and states most
likely will use the product evenings and weekends, and that most
affiliates will probably use it sporadically, we don't know how many
licenses we need. In circumstances like these, it's standard practice
to buy a minimal number, and see how demand drives the need for extra

Sean - no comments on the campaign?


From: Sean Haugh [mailto:seanhaugh@mindspring.com]
Sent: Monday, November 22, 2004 9:51 PM
To: Starchild
Cc: Joe Seehusen; Geoff Neale
Subject: Re: LNC Meeting Report, November 13-14, 2004, Arlington VA (by
Sean Haugh)

Howdy Starchild! Thanks for your kind words about my report. I may
have been unclear -- indeed my understanding itself may be defective --
but I think we only need enough licenses to handle simultaneous use,
a separate license.

yours in liberty --

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Subject: LNC Meeting Report, November 13-14, 2004, Arlington VA (by

LNC Meeting Report, November 13-14, 2004, Arlington VA
by Sean Haugh

"It is with a heavy heart that I write this particular report. The
Libertarian National Committee (LNC) revealed two very troubling
aspects at this meeting. One is the overly political motivation for
major decision-making. Many key
issues were decided on who or what they like or don't like. The other
is that
this LNC is so anti-ideological that they cannot be trusted to help


Libertarian Party remain the party of principle as it grows (one of


goals of the
Strategic Plan)."


My comments:

For those of you who care about what's going on at the national level
of the LP, Sean writes a good and detailed report. I encourage people
to read it. Several things seemed highly noteworthy, many of which
Sean commented on. I particularly agree with him about the
shamefulness of the LNC's shutting down any means for refusing to hear

a member complaint about a failure to uphold the party platform after
shutting down other avenues for making such complaints, and LNC member

Lee Wrights is to be commended for forcefully protesting the move.

There was also another attempt to raise party dues (from $25 to $50 a
year), a proposal which thankfully failed, but only just barely. It
probably won't surprise you to hear that this effort was the
brainchild of our state chair Aaron Starr, who can generally be
counted on to advance the agenda of turning the LP into a top-down
party run by people with money.

Another item that struck me in this report was something Sean reported

but did not editorialize about -- the fact that the cost of the new
Raiser's Edge software (remember that fundraising/membership program
which has already cost the party about $100,000?) may be going up

One of the big selling points for spending that kind of money on a
computer program was that state and local affiliates would be able to
use it too. But it now appears that to do so, they may need their own
user licenses, at a cost of $1800 apiece. Multiply that by 51 -- don't

forget the District of Columbia -- and the price tag to make Raiser's
Edge fully operational as promised goes up by another $91,800, nearly
doubling the total cost. That's just for all the states to have
access, never mind local regions. Sean reports that seven national
staffers already have operating licenses. Did the software company
mislead the LP, or did our people simply fail to confirm that
affiliates would be able to use the program without obtaining
additional licenses? LP members should be asking who is responsible.

Ah, but don't worry, according to Sean only part of the cost will be
passed on to the states. National will generously use their (our)
money to pick up the rest.

Yours in liberty,
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From an October 2002 LP fundraising letter:

"We have selected an off-the-shelf replacement system that will
cost about $30,000 to purchase, plus about $50,000 for
installation, conversion and training. *This system will not only
reduce time and money spent on an ongoing basis, but will give us
orders of magnitude improvement in capabilities.*

Also, this new system will be available not only for the National
HQ staff, but it will be made available to the state and local
affiliates of the LP in a phased implementation.

*It is my estimate that these system changes will improve the
effectiveness and quality of our staff services, and result in an
approximate savings of $5,000 a month in our actual costs. These
are the savings just at the National level. I haven't even begun to

estimate how much time and money this implementation will save our
State and Local affiliates, but the numbers could very well be

Monthly savings of $5,000 from an investment of $100,000 is a good
deal. That is a great return on investment.

From an April 2004 LP fundraising letter:

"Raiser's Edge is estimated to cost $94,835 to become operational.
That includes all the hardware and software, professional
installation by Raiser's Edge engineers, staff training, and a
one-year maintenance contract.

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