LNC Kills the Poll Tax! / Ernie Hancock Beats Wayne Root Again! / Root Gets Presidential Cold Feet?

Thank heavens a majority of the LNC saw the light and moved to kill the ill-considered move to charge LP delegates to attend business sessions (either that or felt the heat!) Ending the requirement that expensive hotel conventions be subsidized by those LP members who can least afford to pay for them was not only the right thing to do, but also avoids violating the party’s Bylaws, which give state affiliates authority over who is a delegate. Kudos to Mary Ruwart, Stewart Flood, Tony Ryan, Julie Fox, Dan Karlan, Lee Wrights, Jim Lark, Rachel Hawkridge, Pat Dixon, and Mike Jingozian for casting a responsible vote you can be proud of! I urge those LNC members who “get it” to take further action at their earliest opportunity to help ensure that the elitist concept of a floor fee or poll tax does not raise its ugly head again at some point in the future.

  Congratulations to Ernest Hancock on winning the Austin chair debate straw poll! Coming on the heels of his recent victory (judging by audience applause) at the California LP convention (a state where the straw poll two years ago went for Wayne Allyn Root), this result gives me increased confidence that the Libertarian Party will be able to pull back from the dismal fate that the party has been sliding toward as it has gradually downplayed libertarian ideology and failed in recent years to embody the revolutionary spirit in which it was founded.

  Perhaps the even better news is that Wayne Allyn Root appears to be getting cold feet about seeking the 2012 LP's presidential nomination. No doubt he would have liked it to be a coronation, and is appalled by the prospect of having to face off against (and possibly lose to!) a radical libertarian candidate like Ernest Hancock:


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