[Lnc-discuss] please tell me when February LP News arrives


  My February LP News just arrived yesterday, Saturday March 8. That's five weeks since you mailed it Feb. 1, pretty bad! Unless something can be done to reduce that lag time, which seems like it ought to be do-able, it means the June issue should go to press no later than early to mid-May to ensure people get it before the convention -- or even earlier, if some people still have not received theirs. Glad you are thinking ahead on this.

  It would of course be preferable for people to receive their June issue around the beginning of June however. Do we know exactly why it's taking the printer so long to print and mail the papers after they get our order?

  I wonder how much daily newspapers that have to get their orders filled hours after they send them in pay their printers, and how those numbers compare to how much we pay ours. Of course they typically deliver those papers themselves, but allowing reasonable time and effort for mailing...

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