[Lnc-discuss] My suggesting on "marketing" that delegates are not required to purchase a package


  Of course we have long been committed to the Hyatt hotel in Columbus, and of course I was not suggesting canceling the contract at this late stage of the game! I think you know full well that I was not making any such suggestion. While I would welcome a *fair, unbiased* poll of our members on what types of convention venues they would like to see, that is a separate issue from the matter at hand.

  The nature of this year's venue, however -- who is accommodated by it, and who is not -- is *absolutely* relevant to the ethical and policy question of who ought to cover the costs associated with it! And *that* is why I raised the issue of what it would be like if the situation regarding the venue were reversed so that it was the budget convention-goers who were accommodated and the spendy convention-goers who were inconvenienced, and the budget faction wanted to pile on extra pressure to cough up more or face implicit insults.

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